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Headsets (((introduction)))

Headsets addresses the psychological aspect of literary craft as it applies to haiku and senryu. Poetry elicits emotion and associations from readers by means of subjectively potent rhetorical devices. Classic psychotherapy questions will be asked: “What’s happening here?” and “How do you (might one) feel about that?” Readers are invited to examine their responses, and poets to explore their purposes.

Headsets is overseen by Paul Watsky.

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  1. Paul, This exploration may prove to be extremely interesting.
    It seems that you and I one year sent in two haiku…it turned out that although you had taken action in yours, I refrained in mine, and yet the two haiku came out the same. That was quite a revelation to me and has caused me to pose some of these very same questions you are asking here.
    It’s good to finally meet you.

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