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HaikuNow! 2013: Veronika Zora Novak


Veronika was a winner in the 2013 HaikuNow! International Haiku Contest. See all the results in the HaikuNow! Archives.

And you can enter the 2014 HaikuNow! contests right now, by going here.

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  1. deep within
    the melody of
    a fallen tree

    Veronika Zora Novak

    A lovely beautiful poem. I copied it in a notebook last night and remembered this morning.

    Luci Shaw is a favorite poet – also a photographer – and I think I remember that she compared the loss of a tree to the passing of her first husband, Harold Shaw. She is 86 now and I am reading her two new books, poetry and prose. Her earlier memoir, God in the Dark, is a classic. She is very honest and keeps singing her songs.

    Hope to learn about Renku when I catch up – congratulations to all on the success of a wonderful new feature!! A long winter for so many . . .

    And thanks again, Veronika, for your truly beautiful poem.


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