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HaikuNow! 2013: Anatoly Kudryavitsky


Anatoly was a winner in the 2013 HaikuNow! International Haiku Contest. See all the results in the HaikuNow! Archives.

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  1. Hello, Gabriel,
    Perhaps what’s perceived, what’s perceived before knowledge kicks in or even despite knowledge kicking in, what *seems* to be at any particular time rather than the facts we’ve learnt over the course of our lives, is an important part of haiku?

    Have you ever had the experience, in a city, of feeling vaguely that you know someone coming towards you before you realise, with some surprise, that it’s your own reflection in glass?

    I’ve seen a bridge’s reflection seeming to flow under a bridge, and been almost hypnotised by the effect. It’s impossible, yet there it seems to be, right before one’s eyes. A kind of ‘arrest’ happens when one’s seeing something that can’t (logically) happen.

    the Lee at spring tide —
    the reflection of a bridge
    flows under the bridge

    — Anatoly Kudryavitsky (Ireland

    – Lorin

  2. The reflection of a bridge flows under the bridge. Does it? Is that possible? Where does it end up? When does it stop being a reflection and become just more water under the bridge?
    I’m just curious!

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