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HaikuLife 2022 Reprised: Masood Hussain / Gabriel Rosenstock

Each day on the Troutswirl blog we will reprise a film featured in HaikuLife 2022, The Haiku Foundation’s haiku film festival, the only one of its kind.

Today’s film: Masood Hussain / Gabriel Rosenstock: Buddha Died

And watch the entire HaikuLife 2022 program here!

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  1. Enjoyed after getting past the language leap. My ignorance, apologies.
    Some varied layouts which were interesting. The pace change in voices to suit made a change from traditional readings.

  2. Great video graphics and sound effects. Unfortunately I see no English translation in the first three minutes.

    1. English begins around 6.26 into the Hussain/Rosenstock film. Making a change from cherry blossom, we have e.g.

      “Talk stand shit
      eat sleep—”
      flies walking on my nose

      A hardon in New York
      a boy
      in San Francisco

      I felt a breeze below my waist and realized
      that my fly was open

      Another year
      has passed — the world
      is no different


      My school’s motto was Perseverantia!

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