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HaikuLife 2022 Reprised: Daniel Angel / Pravat Kuman Padhy

Each day on the Troutswirl blog we will reprise a film featured in HaikuLife 2022, The Haiku Foundation’s haiku film festival, the only one of its kind.

Today’s film: Daniel Angel / Pravat Kuman Padhy: Walks of Life

And watch the entire HaikuLife 2022 program here!

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  1. Thank you Jim for including the video haiga in HaikuLife 2022 and its brilliant display. I am thankful to John O’Connor and Daniel Angel of New Trier High School for making such a beautiful haiga Project. The music by Logan Johnson indeed adds fragrance to it. My regards to the editors of the journals: Frogpond, Asahi Shimbun, Lakeview Int. Journal of Literature, Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival Invitational, Shamrock, The Heron’s Nest, Acorn, and Akisame (The European Haiku Society) for publishing the haiku.


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