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HaikuLife 2022 Reprised: Chuck Brickley

Each day on the Troutswirl blog we will reprise a film featured in HaikuLife 2022, The Haiku Foundation’s haiku film festival, the only one of its kind.

Today’s film: Chuck Brickley: A Reading

And watch the entire HaikuLife 2022 program here!

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  1. Enjoyed the reading Chuck.
    Thank you for sharing Jim.
    Inoku sounds interesting. I too could not find a relative link. Other than in Japanese. (Small bear) or another (wild boar).

  2. In Chuck Brinkley’s segment he referred to Inoku being a Philippino word meaning OMG or WOW. I thought it might be a good writing exercise for my group but can find no reference to his quoted origins. Where might I explore further?

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