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HaikuLife 2020 Reprised: The Next Step

Each day on the Troutswirl blog we will reprise a film featured in HaikuLife 2020, The Haiku Foundation’s haiku film festival, the only one of its kind.

Today’s film: A dialogue between American poets Lee Gurga and Jim Kacian on the process of doing the next thing in your haiku career. Filmed at Haiku North America 2019.

Title: The Next Step
Artist: Lee Gurga, Jim Kacian
Format: Free
Duration: 27:06

And watch the entire HaikuLife 2020 program here!

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  1. Very thoughtful discussion by Lee Gurga and Jim Kacian. To my mind, haiku is an international form of poetry known for its brevity. Starting in Japan, it is easy to translate taking into account the word usage for each culture.

    Haiku is designed to have many facets of meaning, like a well cut piece of crystal. Through translation the meanings may shift, however, the core meaning remains the same. Readers are free to interpret a haiku according to their own perceptions.

    As for myself, I am on a search for universal truths. As an educator of international students, we were always looking for common ground.

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