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HaikuLife 2019 Reprised: This Morning

Each day on the Troutswirl blog we will reprise a film featured in HaikuLife 2019, The Haiku Foundation’s haiku film festival, the only one of its kind.

Today’s film: A video haiku, conceived and animated by Devin Durocher, on a poem by American poet Michele Root-Bernstein. Presented here during HaikuLife 2019, part of International Haiku Poetry Day, an initiative of The Haiku Foundation, held 17 April 2019.

Title: This Morning
Auteur: Devin Durocher
Poet: Michele Root-Bernstein
Format: Filmetry Film
Duration: 1:44

And watch the entire HaikuLife 2019 program here!

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  1. Dear Devin Durocher,
    Greetings. Enjoyed the video , the dancing doll’ i would say , with the haiku
    as well as the music. .
    with regards

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