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Haiku Registry


The Haiku Foundation is gearing up to unveil its gallery of haiku poets in early January, and we hope your page will be included on opening day.

This Haiku Registry is certain to become an important research tool for anyone interested in English-language haiku, but one of its main functions is to assist poets in the worldwide haiku community to get to know each other better. Being able to “put a face to a name” is a very rewarding experience, since the majority of us are unlikely to meet in person.

The registry will also allow poets who are new to haiku to learn more about the nature and quality of haiku being published in English. And it’s an opportunity to share your work with thousands of readers.

Many poets from around the world have already submitted their information, and we’d like you to be seen from the start – so please send us the information we need, a photo, and 10 of your published English-language haiku soon!

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Rafał Zabratyński

Rafał Zabratyński

Rzeszów, Poland

Cindy Zackowitz

Cindy Zackowitz

May 28, 1965 - September 23, 2012

Jadran Zalokar

Jadran Zalokar

Rijeka, Croatia

Božena Zernec

Božena Zernec

Krapina, Croatia

John (Jianqing) Zheng

John (Jianqing) Zheng

Mississippi, USA

Eva Zimet

Eva Zimet

Vermont, USA

Steven E. Zimmerman

Steven E. Zimmerman

El Paso, Texas, USA

Ali Znaidi

Ali Znaidi

Redeyef, Gafsa, Tunisia

This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Hi Cynthia… I guess things changed over the year since I wrote that :-)

    Good to see you here!

  2. Hi Cynthia! :-)

    If you go to “Resources” and click onto Haiku Registry it will take you to a new page where you will be able to click on “Apply to be listed”.

    Looking forward to your selection! ;-)

    Alan (honourary Aussie)
    With Words

  3. Lorin,

    I clicked on the red ‘Haiku Registry’ above as you recommended, but no ‘lovely and clear’ instructions came up. How/where do I find the instructions?

    Cynthia Rowe, Australia

  4. Ray,

    I did what Lorin said and sent my Registry information. In just a day, Billie promptly acknowledged its receipt, then after another day (today), Billie sent me a proof copy of what ultimately will be published in the Registry. I just proofread it and emailed back the revised copy to her. Hope this helps everybody.

    Happy holidays!

    Vic Gendrano

  5. Hi Ray…click on the red ‘haiku registry’ in the message above and you’ll be on the page with all the instructions, which are lovely and clear. I just cut and pasted the headings, put my stuff under the headings, then put it in the body of an email and sent it off.

    For the haiku, though, it might be best to type them in, as marks and spaces don’t necessarily work out right at the other end if you just cut and paste.


  6. Vic, I agree that this is an awesome website. I hope you’ll send your information in for the Haiku Registry!

    John (and anyone else who wonders about such things), I send an acknowledgement within a day or three after each submission is sent from the Haiku Registry site.

    This is going to be truly beautiful, and the more poets who participate, the better it will be.

    So thanks to all who’ve sent material so far, and thanks in advance to those of you still planning to do so!

    Billie Wilson/Juneau, Alaska

  7. I’m one of those who is likely to respond to a request for information instantly or else to put it off for a day and then forget about it entirely. Is there some person or some site I could consult in order to refresh my memory about whether I have already submitted the information required for the Haiku Registry?

  8. Ever since I discovered your site, I bookmarked it and visit it from time to time. I fully support your objectives, especially in a non-competitive setting. Later, I’ll try to help in whatever capacity I can. Bravo on what you are doing and accomplishing!

    Vic Gendrano

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