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Haiku Windows


Welcome to Haiku Windows – the latest offering for The Haiku Foundation’s Troutswirl Blog community!

In the book Haiku: The Art of the Short Poem, editors Yamaguchi and Brooks quote David Lanoue:  “A haiku is a window”…

Starting next week, we will explore a different prompt inspired by this conception – this is your invitation to join in the fun. Please submit a previously unpublished poem by Sunday midnight on the theme of the week, which I am hoping you will write for the occasion. Include your name as you would like it to appear and place of residence. I will select from among your submissions for the column and add my commentary (using Canadian Oxford approved spelling).

I am Katherine Munro and I live in northern Canada – in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. (I publish under the name kjmunro.) I am Membership Secretary for Haiku Canada and an Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets. I have two leaflets with Leaf Press, and recently co-edited an anthology of crime-themed haiku called Body of Evidence: a collection of killer ’ku. It will be an honour and a pleasure to facilitate this new feature.

I look forward to reading your submissions. I will write again in the New Year – until then, wishing you Happy Holidays from the snowy Yukon!


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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words & enthusiasm. I am overwhelmed already, & we haven’t started yet!
    Check back on Wednesday…
    Happy New Year!

  2. Glad to see you, KJ!

    love the title ‘Haiku windows’. Though, I didn’t get the ‘theme’.

    Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

  3. What fun we are promised, Kathy! I’m so looking forward to 2018 and your weekly Windows! Best wishes, Marietta

  4. This sounds like a great challenge! I look forward to participating and reading contributions from other wonderful poets.

    1. Marta
      Hope you will post a reminder and link back to here the first couple of weeks, on Buds of Haiku.
      I’m on the Troutswirl message list but sometimes miss the email

      Jan Benson

  5. Welcome aboard looking forward to seeing great works and even greater minds come together for truly great inspirationI works through haiku windows ladies and gentlemen start your engines

  6. I look forward to what you and The Haiku Foundation have planned. I think it’s great that THF continues to keep the haiku community invigorated with new and inspirational offerings.
    Thank you. –Peter

  7. The book, Body of Evidence: a collection of killer ’ku, that Kathy (KJMunro) and Jessica Simon (1964–2017) co-edited is brilliant and original. I hope Kathy has more copies.
    A link about the book, and the sad loss of Jessica to the world:
    I look forward to what Haiku Windows brings forth, it will be a ride and a half! 🙂
    seasonal greetings and forthcoming new year,

  8. Hi Katherine,

    Welcome. I am really looking forward to this challenge. I love the concept of Windows, I have used them in creative writing classes I lead, views of/through Windows, looking in, looking out.

    I enjoyed participating in many of the challenges set by Jim Kacian and communicating with the community of poets that were involved.

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