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Haiku Tribute Challenge May 3

For May’s Per Diem feature on The Haiku Foundation website Carlos Colón has selected poems written as tributes to fellow haiku poets, but without indicating who the recipient of the tribute is. We challenge you to identify the poet being honored today, May 3. Read the Per Diem poem, then send us the name of who you think is the honoree in the comment box below. All recipients, and identifiers, will be revealed at the end of the month. Good luck!

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  1. Poem with name of memorialized poet:

    after the brushstroke,
    his head stays tilted
    to a sun-dappled sumi-e

    Michael Dylan Welch for Kaji Aso
    Boston Haiku Society News, April 2006

  2. Sandra is correct regarding the May 4th poem:

    my friend’s death day
    tea drunk from a gallah mug
    she gave me

    Patricia Prime for Janice Bostok

  3. Sorry, have clearly posted under the wrong link so please disregard my “guess”.

  4. I’m guessing Janice Bostok with the reference to what I suppose to be galah (an Australian bird). I haven’t seen it spelled “gallah” though, so may be way off-beam.

    My Dad used to talk about young men “behaving like bloody galahs” as the birds are supposed to be bits of clowns and do daft things. Jan had a real streak of comedy in her and her timing was spot on.

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