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Haiku Tribute Challenge May 25

For May’s Per Diem feature on The Haiku Foundation website Carlos Colón has selected poems written as tributes to fellow haiku poets, but without indicating who the recipient of the tribute is. We challenge you to identify the poet being honored today, May 25. Read the Per Diem poem, then send us the name of who you think is the honoree in the comment box below. All recipients, and identifiers, will be revealed at the end of the month. Good luck!

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  1. I remember Kylan posting his last haiku and reading it seconds later, then hearing he had been murdered.

    He was a special person who would have helped rebuild Iraq for Iraqi people.

    Kylan Jones-Huffman Iraq soldier haiku writer

    uncomfortable —
    body armor shifting
    on the car seat

    Kylan Jones-Huffman, unpublished; posted on the Cricket Internet mailing list.

    This, the final haiku of a young soldier, Kylan Jones-Huffman, was written in September 2003, just hours before he was shot dead in a traffic jam in Iraq. The poet’s world is everywhere.

    Charlie Trumbull quote from:
    Simply Haiku: An E-Journal of Haiku and Related Forms
    September-October 2004, vol. 2, no. 5

    I have never forgotten him, and this is what I posted in a Los Angeles newspaper for him:

    I knew Kylan as a haiku poetry writer, and he was a warm and inspiring human being, and a real great guy.

    I have never forgotten him, and his spirit, and what he could have done for good in Iraq, and in the poetry world as well.

    Wherever there is a patch of sunlight in the world, I feel Kylan is a part of that.

    A contemporary haiku poem by me:

    sunlight breaks
    on a bird
    and its portion of the roof

    Alan Summers

    In Japanese it reads:

    hi wa torini yane no ibasho ni sosogi keri
    trans. Hiromi Inoue, Masegawa Kawauchi town, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

    Publications credits: haigaonline vol. III (2003); Haiku Friends (Japan 2003)

    God bless you Kylan,


  2. Answer:

    feathers in the fire …
    a cardinal’s song
    between thunderclaps

    Ferris Gilli for Kylan Jones-Huffman
    The Heron’s Nest V.9 (2003)

  3. remembering her face
    in the face
    of the swan

    — Terry Ann Carter

    Is this a tribute to Marianne Bluger?

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