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Haiku Tribute Challenge May 13

For May’s Per Diem feature on The Haiku Foundation website Carlos Colón has selected poems written as tributes to fellow haiku poets, but without indicating who the recipient of the tribute is. We challenge you to identify the poet being honored today, May 13. Read the Per Diem poem, then send us the name of who you think is the honoree in the comment box below. All recipients, and identifiers, will be revealed at the end of the month. Good luck!

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  1. Hee’s a poem by Alexius [from Red Moon Anthology, 1997]:
    late autumn–
    the butterfly lands
    on what’s left
    [ from Red Moon Anthology, 1997]

  2. This is only a guess but the haiku might be a tribute to the lovely and much missed Bill Higginson.

    his death notice. . .
    the get-well card
    still in my briefcase

    – Roberta Beary

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