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Haiku Response to the Kathmandu Earthquake

As you all know, the recent catastrophic earthquake in the Himalayas has left a heavy toll in the region. We invite poets to offer their haiku responses here, and share with you one such response, by the well-known poet Sudeep Sen, published recently in The London Magazine. (You can view the article here.) We will send our responses to The London Magazine as well, as continuation of the story.


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  1. another tremor
    another night of blackout
    in Darjeeling

    (Neighboring Darjeeling, Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan have had continuous aftershocks.)

  2. white conch dawn
    pyre smoke rising
    to meet it

    (white conch [DHI-TSA] in Tibetan and Bhutanese divination is the harbinger of ‘good news’.)

  3. a beautiful girl*
    clutching, clutching
    a food package

    With apologies to Issa’s haiku

    a beautiful girl
    munching, munching
    a rice-dumpling

    (trans. Nanao Sakaki

  4. Two brilliant haiku:

    thousands of doves
    on the temple’s roof

    pocket money
    still in the palm
    of the dead child
    Vladislav Hristov
    These two haiku are very powerful. It’d be wonderful if the The London Magazine would publish them.

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