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Haiku Registry Updated

There have been several additions to the Haiku Registry since last report. Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page. To submit your own information, click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY:  Karunesh Kumar Agrawal, William Hart, Timothy Hawkes, Graham High, Marshall Hryciuk, Nigel Jenkins, Judy Kamilhor, Betty Kaplan, Doreen King, Deborah P Kolodji, Santosh Kumar, Evelyn Lang, Rebecca Lilly, Darrell Lindsey, Maya Lyubenova, Peter Macrow, Francis Masat, Paul David Mena, Fonda Bell Miller, Ben Moeller-Gaa, Mike Montreuil, and Naia.  Poets pages are regularly updated as books are published or awards/honors are achieved.

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  1. New to the world of haiku. At this kukai-(gathering of haiku poets) all can coexist. Let the one who has knowledge share it with the one who seeks. May the Harsh tenja- (critic of haiku poetry) just go!! OSH will be a place for Friends to share their enjoyment of haiku whether it is writing reading or just having a cold Yebisu from the OSH vending machine.

  2. I am glad to have been directed here. I began to write haiku only in 2008 somewhat spontaneously while trying to work on Spanish translations for some of my other poems. I am also a visual artist mostly in printmaking and have now completed some 36 haiga, 30 of which are collected in two volumes of 15 each in very limited editions of 7.

    They will show up soon on my web site and I invite you to visit them. It is so lovely to find such a large community dedicated to the form.

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