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Haiku Registry Update: Lots of New Poets

We now have nearly 550 poets included in The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Registry. Several new poets have been added and many poets regularly update their pages. Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page.

To submit your own information, click the apply link on the Registry’s opening page.

If you already have a Registry page and would like to update it, contact me (Billie Wilson) at akwilsons [at] gci [dot] net.

THESE POETS ARE NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY SINCE THE LAST REPORT: Adjei Agyei-Baah, Stoianka Boianova, Marta Chocilowska, Steven E. Cottingham, Lynn Edge, William Scott Galasso, Rajandeep Garg, Mark, Gilbert, Mark Gilfillan, James W. Hackett (in memoriam), Michele Harvey, Martina Heinisch, Gary Hotham, Destiny Izehi, Sarah James, Robert Kania, Wieslaw Karlinski, Shirkaanth Krishnamurthy, Judy Kendall, Adele Kenny, Krzysztof Kokot, S. M. Kozubek, Jessica Malone Latham, Scott Mason, Anna Mazurkiewicz, James Meredith, Radka Mindova, Ljudmila Milena Mršić, Pepa Odjakova, Diana Petkova, Nicole Pottier, Sandi Pray, Ljubomir Radovančević, Michael Rehling, John Rowlands, Vessislava Savova, Ken Sawitri, Nadezhda Stanilova, Iliyana Stoyanova, Maureen Sudlow, Rachel Sutcliffe, Minko Tanev, Rick Tarquinio, Tom Tico (in memoriam), Tyson West, Jane Williams, Gergana Lyubenova Yaninska,

ALSO: The Event Calendars are updated at least once each month. Please help us keep the calendars accurate and current.

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