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Haiku Registry Update

Hi folks,

Here is the latest update regarding additions to the Haiku Registry. Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page.

Added between January 19 and February 2:  Zoran Antonić, Deb Baker, Kirsten Cliff, Ljubica Vukov Davcik, Madeleine Findlay, Dubravko Ivančan, Dubravko Korbus, Duško Matas, Boris Nazansky, Sanja Petrović, Patrick M. Pilarski, Željka Vučinić-Jambrešić. Also: a photograph has been added for Rebecca Ball Rust’s page.

Added between January 6 – 18: Kay F. Anderson, Margaret Beverland, Randy Brooks, Lee Gurga, Penny Harter, Keith Heiberg, William J. Higginson, James Kirkup, Günther Klinge, Catherine J.S. Lee, Thomas Martin, Tanya McDonald, Marlene Mountain, Kathe L. Palka, Zvonko Petrović, Darko Plažanin, Lynne Rees, Robert Spiess, Willem Johan van der Molen, Saša Važić, Max Verhart, Paul O. Williams, Peter Yovu, Jadran Zalokar.

To submit your own information, click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

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  1. Kathe, Thanks so much for letting us know what has happened to Chuck Easter. Sometimes people cross our paths, leave a few footprints and then paths part. The link is great! Many thanks, Merrill

  2. Chuck Easter is more involved these days in his music than in his writing. However, he graciously agreed to read with Dorothy McLaughlin and myself at a local library here in New Jersey that I had set up last June. His “black bough” was a great little journal but it ceased publication quite a while ago. You can listen to Chuck’s band, New Atlantis, at this site:

  3. Does anyone know if Charles Easter and Kevin Walker are still publishing? I seem to recall they put out “black bough” but have not seen their names in quite awhile. So many poets have come and gone and simply vanished. It surely makes
    this registry a vital link with a past that is gone before we know it.

  4. hello Billie,

    if you are not on this already, and would like to include Nick Virgilio, let me know, and I will give you his brother Tony’s phone number and/or street address, but i believe this information is all listed?

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