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Haiku Registry Update

Here is an update regarding additions to the Haiku Registry since last report (and new poets are added almost daily). Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page. To submit your own information, click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY: Annie Bachini, Ferenc Bakos, Cindy S. Bene, Johan Bergstad, Sharon Burrell, Matthew Caretti, Judith Chalmer, Marius Chelaru, James Chessing, Kathy Lippard Cobb, Paul Cordeiro, Jennifer Corpe, Tish Davis, Susan Delphine Delaney, Raffael de Gruttola, George G. Dorsty, Johnette Downing, Deborah Dunn, Marje A. Dyck, Arkady Elterman, Juanito Escareal, Alegria Imperial, Enes Kišević, Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, Michiko Oishi, and Angela Terry. We are awaiting additional information from several additional poets and hope to have their pages up soon.

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