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Haiku Registry Update

Here is an update regarding additions to the Haiku Registry (and new poets are added almost daily). Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page. If you have published English-language haiku in an edited publication (print or online) we invite you to submit your own information. Just click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY: Gael R. Bage, Johnny Baranski, David Bingham, Rick Black, Michael Blaine, Gayle Bull, Matthew M. Cariello, martin gottlieb cohen, Carlos Colón, Gillena Cox, Frank Critelli, Katherine Cudney, Agnes Eva Savich, Dietmar Tauchner, and Nora Wood. And several more are nearly ready!

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  1. May 2, 2010–3 Questions–Blogging Along Tobacco Road

    roadrunner XI–Spring 2010

    MASKS III–wearing a haigo, a single ku

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