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Haiku Registry and Event Calendars Updated

Several new poets have been added to The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Registry and many poets update their pages on a regular basis. Each poet’s page is accessible by last name: simply click on that initial in the search index on the opening page.

To submit your own information, click the appropriate link on the Registry’s opening page.

NEW TO THE HAIKU REGISTRY SINCE LAST REPORT:   S.M. Abeles, Ludmila Balabanova, April Mae M. Berza, Bouwe Brouwer , Nancy Brady, Peter Butler, Marion Clarke, Martin Esposito, Claire Everett, Abigail Friedman, David Gershator, Laurice Gilbert, John Hawkhead, Tricia Knoll, Annette Makino, Vicki McCullough, RD McManes, Peter Newton, Matthew Paul, Ulises Perez, Chad Lee Robinson, Gabriel Rosenstock,  David Serjeant, Diana Teneva, Anusha Tennakoon, Ted van Zutphen, Svetla Yordanova,

 ALSO: The Event Calendars have been updated as well.  Please help us keep the calendars accurate and current.

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  1. Dear Billie, Thanks again for your wonderful service and poetry.

    As you know, Dave Russo added a paragraph and link to the Haiku Registry, from The Haiku Foundation Education Wall. The registry helped me gain the confidence to volunteer in Spring 2012. It really is an education in and of itself. I’m sure many teachers and others find it useful. And with Montage, edited by Allan Burns, as the textbook for the plans I wrote, many poets are part of the plans – teaching a new generation of poets.

    My gift with academic writing was synthesis, and so really everyone who participates here, in the way they wish, is a part of haiku education. Dave carefully linked from the plans I wrote to other areas of the site. I see the entire site here as a great educational resource. We link to Montage, the Video Archive, refer to haiku readings and contests, etc. etc. I often wonder if schools will begin their own Per Diem, Registry, and so forth. The models here are clear for others to follow, and then link back here as well, in return.

    I also want to highlight that Jim began a new section on the wall: LESSONS FOR ALL AGES. For those who may not have looked at this resource recently, the Ed Wall also includes additional work by Tom Painting, Penny Harter, and William J. Higginson. Their names speak for themselves!

    Thanks again for the registry, Billie. I can only imagine the time.

    I’ve been careful to stay focused on questions here – and hope this comment about the Ed Wall feels in context.

    Jim Kacian is the editor for the Ed Wall – and he shared his vision for this resource when I volunteered for the Ed Committee.

    Best wishes,

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