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Jessica Tremblay — The Old Pond

For more than three years Jessica Tremblay entertained us with the antics of Kaeru and his friends. She is taking a hiatus to work on other projects. We will miss here here, but wish her well in all her new endeavors. Here is the complete Old Pond Comics as they appeared on The Haiku Foundation site.

Mark Fittock and Ross Findlay — In Search of Basho

For a whole year we followed the haiku noir adventures of Mark Fittock and Ross Findlay’s intrepid mouse. Now you can enjoy the entire graphic novel in one place.

This Morning

A video haiku, conceived and animated by Devin Durocher, on a poem by American poet Michele Root-Bernstein.

The winter raindrops
shut out of the beach cottage
strike at the window

—Kiyoshi Tokutomi

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