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Haiku Music Challenge 99


Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s 99th Haiku Music Challenge, sponsored by Naviar Records!

Raymond Cobley is an experimental composer and regular participant in our Haiku Challenge. Now retired, Raymond aims to explore the possibilities afforded by open-source software, which he uses exclusively for creating and editing both sounds & images. All his works are published under a Creative Commons licence, and free for anybody to download or remix.

just before sunrise
the quiet mystery of dawn
silences the birds

Fifteen tracks were made in response to Raymond Cobley’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:

Track: Just Before
Artist: Leon Clowes
Genre: experimental

Subtle and haunting, Leon Clowes’ entry to the Haiku challenge perfectly reflects the mood’s poem.


Track: Silencing the Birds
Artist: Ryan Scott Mattingly
Genre: instrumental

Ryan Scott returns to the Haiku Music Challenge with a nostalgic, lo-fi composition made with a music box and guitar.


Track: first light
Artist: vheissu77
Genre: ambient

Immerse yourself in the evocative ambient soundscape crafted last week by vheissu77.


Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll feature music inspired by haiku by James Welsh:

In the late blossom
Of red sunlight
One last dance

The deadline to submit your composition is 13 July. To find out more, participate or submit your haiku, please visit Naviar Records site.

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