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Haiku Music Challenge 98


We’re back! Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s 98th Haiku Music Challenge, sponsored by Naviar Records!

Mark Wright is an archaeologist and anthropologist with a research specialty in Mesoamerican poetics, both ancient and modern. He is a retired professor that has turned his attention to children’s literature and illustration. Dr. Wright is the founder of CookiePitch, an organization dedicated to creating a fun, inclusive KidLit community. He posts an original haiku each week for #HaikuSaturday on Twitter.

eruption of light
deconstructing the darkness
beauty for ashes

Seventeen tracks were made in response to Issa’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:

Track: High on the ashes of light
Artist: Tuonela
Genre: ambient

Let’s start with an evocative soundscape by Australian veteran ambient composer Tuonela.


Track: Beauty For Lights
Artist: espaces-sonores
Genre: electronic

Here’s a mesmerizing composition reminiscent of the 70s electronic journeys by espaces-sonores.


Track: Reign In The Light
Artist: chaOsbOy
Genre: instrumental, rock

“Reign In The Light” is a rock ballad that somehow perfectly fits with the haiku’s atmosphere.


Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll feature music inspired by haiku by Raymond Cobley:

just before sunrise
the quiet mystery of dawn
silences the birds

The deadline to submit your composition is 6 July. To find out more, participate or submit your haiku, please visit Naviar Records site.

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  1. What a pleasant change of pace to have a rock instrumental response: “Reign in the Light” by cha0sb0y. I also really enjoyed the vocals on Tara Trudel’s “Eruption of Light”.

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