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Haiku Music Challenge 94


Welcome to The Haiku Foundation’s 93rd Haiku Music Challenge, sponsored by Naviar Records!

Ryōkan Taigu was a Japanese poet and calligrapher who lived during the Edo period. A Buddhist monk who lived much of his life as a hermit, he spent most of his time writing poetry, calligraphy, and communing with nature. His poetry is often very simple and inspired by nature.

first winter rain —
a nameless mountain

Fourteen tracks were made in response to Ryōkan’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:

Track: Nameless Mountain Rain
Artist: mikey_a
Genre: ambient

First off, a haunting ambient soundscape by a new member of our community.


Track: First Winter Rain
Artist: Adrian Lane
Genre: classical

“A very short piece to represent a sudden burst of rain in winter, also inspired by the work of renaissance composer, William Byrd.” (Adrian Lane)


Track: A nameless mountain sits quietly in the rain
Artist: Ed Mundio
Genre: electronic

And here’s a captivating electronic piece by Australian composer Ed Mundio, seamlessly combining subtle ambient layers with mesmerizing percussions.


Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll feature music inspired by a haiku by Mark Miller:

quickening wind
every leaf of the turning maple
in tune

The deadline to submit your composition is 27 October. To find out more, participate or submit your haiku, please visit Naviar Records site.

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