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Haiku Music Challenge 92

Welcome to Naviar Record’s 92nd Haiku Music Challenge for The Haiku Foundation!

One of the most influential modern Japanese writers, Natsume Soseki’s literary career started in 1903 with a series of haiku and renga published in various literary magazines. Between 1900 and 1903 he studied at University College of London, but this proved to be quite a dramatic experience for the young Soseki:

The two years I spent in London were the most unpleasant years in my life. Among English gentlemen I lived in misery, like a poor dog that had strayed among a pack of wolves.“

Despite this, when Soseki returned to Japan he exploded into prolific writing activity.

A red sun
Falls into the sea
What summer heat!

Sixteen tracks were made in response to Soseki’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:

Track: Summer Remains Artist: Daniel Diaz Genre: instrumental Here’s a light-hearted composition by multi-instrumentalist Daniel Diaz.

Track: Red Sun, Sea Artist: Noodle Twister Genre: ambient Cinematic and haunting, this ambient composition by Noodle Twister perfectly fits Soseki’s poem.

Track: Red Sun Artist: espaces-sonores Genre: instrumental The final track is a beautiful composition by a new member of our community: espaces-sonores.

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll feature music inspired by a haiku by John Hinks:

A day of rainbows
As Summer gives way to the
Damp days of Autumn

The deadline to submit your composition is 13 October. To find out more, participate or submit your haiku, please visit Naviar Records site.

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