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Haiku Music Challenge 90

Welcome to Naviar Record’s 90th Haiku Music Challenge for The Haiku Foundation!

Hashimoto Takako (1899-1963) was a poet of the Shōwa period and editor of the haiku magazine Shichiyō. Even though Takako studied under Seishi Yamaguchi for some time, she was the first woman among the major modern haiku poets to receive her training in haiku mainly from another woman, Hisajo.

Floating lanterns

pushed adrift, my words

set free . . .

Sixteen tracks were made in response to Takako’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:

Track: Cologne Lantern
Artist: Torsten Goerke
Genre: ambient

In this collaboration between Torsten Goerke and Horsthel Mood, soothing guitar notes seamlessly merge with evocative ambient layers.

Track: Floating Lanterns
Artist: Night Note
Genre: ambient

A long time participant in the Haiku Music Challenge, Czech producer Night Note this week created a fantastic soundscape that perfectly fits the poem’s atmosphere.

Track: Cert Egg
Artist: HardWired
Genre: electronic

The final track of the week is an electronic piece by Hardwired, which will be included in the album That Brief Moment coming out November 1.

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll feature music inspired by a haiku by Nozawa Bonchō:

How cool cut hay smells
when carried through the farm gate
as the sun comes up

The deadline to submit your composition is 22 September. To find out more, participate or submit your haiku, please visit Naviar Records site.

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