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Haiku Music Challenge 9

Welcome to the ninth iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

This week we treat the following haiku by Alan Summers:

through the blizzard
particles of me

Alan Summers is an award-winning poet and President of the United Haiku and Tanka Society. Written just after the big snows and blizzards around the U.K. when the author was regularly traveling from Bath to Hull, the haiku we present today won The Haiku Calendar Competition in 2011. If you have 5 minutes, I suggest you watch his TEDx Talk on Youtube “Amazement of the ordinary — life through a haiku lens”

In the past seven days, twenty-one tracks were made in response to Alan’s poem. Here are three I selected for The Haiku Foundation community:

Track: through the blizzard
Artist: Yum Haruki
Genre: soundtrack

Reminiscent of Sakamoto’s early works, through the blizzard by Japanese composer Yum Haruki revolves around a simple melody which slowly evolves and becomes an enveloping electronic piece.

Track: Particulated Blizzard
Artist: Rumblin_Cynth_Rampo
Genre: electronic

Rumblin_Cynth_Rampo describes herself as a “cacophonist, working in the genres of ambient, industrial ambient and noise.” I think this is a perfect introduction to her latest submission to the Haiku music challenge, Particulated Blizzard.

Track: Nemo
Artist: Arkytas
Genre: ambient, field recordings

Arkytas is a new participant in the Haiku Challenge, and his track Nemo carefully combines field recordings and ambient textures to create the effect of a frozen landscape.

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll be posting music inspired by Lee Rosevere’s haiku:

The heart is a fool,
Never learns what it can’t have

Beating hopelessly

The deadline to submit your track is 20 March. To find out more and participate, please visit the Naviar Records site.

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  1. I find myself drawn to this music section at the end of the weekend. Thank you for this innovation. For me each of these very different selections thrust Alan’s award-winning haiku particles in different directions. Yum Haruki at the 30000 foot level brings forth the constancy and pervasiveness of a blizzard and holding one within one. Rumblin_Cynth_Rampo had me imagining gamers creating games/playing with the blizzard and fluttering to rest at the end. Arkytas directed the amplitude shifts by having the storm meet not just man particles but also man-made objects: the prow of a boat breaking ice, a break in the blizzard, shards of icicles cracking glass, the wind wrapping around a silo whistling through a machine etc. etc. My particles are ready for the week.

  2. I am Yum Haruki and I participate in “Haiku Music Challange 9”.

    Thank you for picking up my track and introducing it to the world.
    Many people are listening to my song.

    I deeply appreciate you.

    1. Thank you, it’s a most beautiful track and captures many aspects of the snow scenes I witnessed travelling up and down England for my city-wide renga residency project.
      deep bow,

    1. Thanks Corine! 🙂
      I’ve certainly enjoyed them all, some 21 or 22 tracks over on the Naviar Records site!
      Hope to tweet individual tracks over the next two months too!

  3. A deep bow to all the musicians who composed music for my haiku, which went into double figures over at the Naviar Records site! 🙂
    I am truly humbled and blown away.
    warm regards,

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