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Haiku Music Challenge 77

Welcome to the seventy-seventh iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

The Haiku Foundation is always a rich source of inspiration. I immediately fell in love with this poem by Choshi, included in R.H. Blyth Japanese Satirical Verses. For those of you who are not familiar with the difference between haiku and senryu: the former tends to be about nature, while the latter refers to some aspect of human nature or emotions. Their structure is similar.

One traveller,
Wakes another traveller,
At the sight of the sea.

I couldn’t find any information on Choshi online, so here’s what R.H. Blyth said about our haiku of the week:

“We have here a clear example of the difference between haiku and senryu. The sight of the sea in the early morning makes someone wake up a fellow traveller. But what remains in our minds is not the sea glittering in the morning sunshine, but the shaking and awakening of the traveller by someone who hardly knows him from Adam. We feel the kinship of the men through that one touch of nature.”

Nineteen tracks were inspired by Choshi’s haiku, and here’s my selection for The Haiku Foundation:


Track: One Traveller Wakes Another
Artist: Solemnland
Genre: ambient

Let’s start with an atmospheric piano piece, combined with subtle ambient layers, by Solemnland, a new member of our music community.

Track: WeTravelledToTheOcean
Artist: Ed Mundio
Genre: electronic

In contrast with the previous track, WeTravelledToTheOcean by Australian artist EdMundio sounds more upbeat with its energetic mallet sounds and beats.



Track: one traveller
Artist: Tunnelwater
Genre: ambient

Soothing and evocative, this ambient composition by Tunnelwater is the perfect ending for this week’s selection.

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll be listening to music inspired by Yoshida Ryusui:

A lost child crying
stumbling over the dark fields…
catching fireflies

The deadline to submit your track is 3 March. To find out more and participate, please visit the Naviar Records site.

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