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Haiku Music Challenge 4

Welcome to the fourth iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

Last week we shared a haiku by Lorin Ford:

dark moon
the pull of a planet
beyond Pluto

Most recently publisher, managing editor, haiku editor and features editor of A Hundred Gourds, Lorin has written haiku since 2004. Her a wattle seedpod (PostPressed, 2008) won a first place in the HSA Merit Book Awards, the first Australian book to do so. Her e-chapbook, A Few Quick Brushstrokes, was a 2011 Snapshot Press winner.

Here are three of our favorite tracks, out of the twenty-four compositions inspired by Lorin’s poem:

Track: dark moon
Artist: Tunnelwater
Genre: piano, electronic

With its improvised piano, minimalist beat and slowly progressing ambient melodies, “dark moon” by Tunnelwater offers a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Track: Dark Moon
Artist: ibehre
Genre: ambient, space music

Clearly inspired by the electronic moods and atmospheres of the late seventies and early eighties, Ibehre’s submission is classic space music at its best.

Track: Pluto
Artist: Robert Knote
Genre: classical

The final piece of this selection is a one-minute classical composition by German composer Robert Knote.

Next week we’ll be posting music inspired by Simon Hanson’s haiku:

neon boulevard
the night slips by
a tinted windscreen

The deadline to submit your track is 13 February. To find out more and participate, visit the Naviar Records site.

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  1. I’m awed and delighted, listening to these wonderful compositions.
    Thank you!
    – Lorin

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