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Haiku Music Challenge 34

Welcome to the thirty-fourth iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

One of Naviar’s most active members, Corine Timmer is an Interior Designer, Animal Lover, and a self-published author who recently also discovered a passion for music: she’s been taking part in Naviar’s challenges for a few months now, and you can find her music responses both on her Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

Corine recently curated a pig haiku anthology in celebration of the Year of the Pig: you can watch a trailer here.

waterlily leaves

bobbing on the lake . . .


Sixteen tracks were inspired by this poem, and below are three pieces which I particularly enjoyed:

Track: WaterLilyLake
Artist: Ed Mundio
Genre: ambient

Track: Lullaby
Artist: Corine Bicadeideias
Genre: electroacoustic

Track: Romantic Heart
Artist: Robert Knote
Genre: classical

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll be listening to music inspired by a haiku by Julien Vocance:

bursts from our guns

the town on the horizon

a brief vision of light

The deadline to submit your track is 23 October. To find out more and participate, please visit the Naviar Records site.

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