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Haiku Music Challenge 3

Welcome to the third iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

This week we set

night wind
the bush comes alive
with dreamtime stories

by the Australian/Indian poet Madhuri Pillai. Pillai discovered haiku in 2011, and since then her work has been published in many major international haiku journals. Apart from her love of books and writing, she is a passionate advocate for animal and human rights.
Madhuri’s evocative haiku inspired twenty compositions. Here are three of our favourites:

Track: night wind
Artist: Oxebe
Genre: minimal

The minimalist approach and hypnotic melody in night wind by Polish artist Oxebe evoke dreamlike memories. The result is a captivating and soothing composition:

Track: The Forest, Awake
Artist: Cetus
Genre: field recording, ambient

By combining natural sounds and ambient textures, Cetus recreates the mood and atmosphere of Madhuri’s haiku using sounds:

Track: Dreamtime Stories
Artist: ikjoyce
Genre: electronic

We conclude our selection with a nocturnal electronic piece by British artist ikjoyce:

Next week we’ll be posting music inspired by the following haiku by Lorin Ford:

dark moon
the pull of a planet
beyond Pluto

The deadline to submit your track is 6 February. To find out more and participate, visit the Naviar Records site.

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  1. Thank you very much Lorin, thank you for all for all your help and support over the years.

  2. May I say once again that I LOVE this haiku music feature? I really enjoyed all three, but the first was particularly enjoyable.

  3. Excellent! My favourite composition in relation to Maduri’s haiku is the 3rd, by ikjoyce. The (seeming) hum of insects near the beginning becomes a sound reminiscent of didgeridoo and bull-roarer, sounds which form the living ground upon which a world is created. It just feels right for the evocation of dreamtime stories.
    Congratulations, Madhu. :-) It’s great to see this haiku of yours featuring here.
    – Lorin

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