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Haiku Music Challenge 2

Welcome to the second iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

This week we set

summer nightfall
the sky slowly regains
its colours

by the Bulgarian poet Vessislava Savova. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and has published four books so far. Her poems have been included in many Bulgarian and international anthologies, as well as in international magazines in nine languages.

In just seven days, twenty-one music compositions were composed, a record for our music challenge. Here are three of our favorites:

Track: Nightfall Estepario
Artist: Daniel Diaz
Genre: instrumental, soundtrack

A haunting composition by Argentinian composer Daniel Diaz. In Nightfall Estepario electric bass, synth and percussion merge gracefully, creating a suggestive and complex ambient atmosphere.

Track: Slow Regain
Artist: how the night came
Genre: jazz, blues, instrumental
In my opinion the ambient, atmospheric jazz piece Slow Regain by How The Night Came is a perfect fit for this week’s haiku.

Track: Cloud 9 CT
Artist: Corine Bicadeideias
Genre: dance, pop
In contrast with the previous two, the upbeat sounds and elaborated texture of Cloud 9 by Corine Bicadeideias show another interesting sonic interpretation of Vessislava’s haiku.

Next week we’ll be posting music inspired by the following haiku by Madhuri Pillai:

night wind
the bush comes alive
with dreamtime stories

The deadline to submit your track is 30 January. To find out more and participate, visit the Naviar Records site.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed listening to the music inspired by Vessislava Savova’s haiku and I look forward to next weeks music inspired by Madhuri Pillai’s “night wind/ dreamtime stories”.
    – Lorin

  2. I’m really enjoying this new feature! Daniel Diaz’s piece is mesmerizing. I’m amazed that this is Corine Bicadeideias’s first attempt at composing. All three are lovely pieces. Is there a way to listen to more of the music submissions?

    1. Thanks so much Peggy. I just took the plunge! I have an app on my iPad called GarageBand. I had never used it but this music challenge inspired me. It’s fun to do. I don’t have a musical upbringing though I played piano when I was little but didn’t like my teacher. I do love dancing though and many styles of music. The idea of pairing haiku with music is intriguing. It offers another layer.

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