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Haiku Music Challenge 10

Welcome to the tenth iteration of the Haiku Music Challenge, hosted by Naviar Records.

This week we treat the following haiku by Lee Rosevere:

The heart is a fool,
Never learns what it can’t have
Beating hopelessly

One of the earliest participants in the Naviar Haiku challenge, Lee Rosevere is a music-maker, film score composer, and founder of the Canadian label Happy Puppy Records. A track by Lee was also included in our latest anniversary compilation 5 Years of Naviar Haiku.

Nineteen compositions were inspired by Lee’s haiku, and here are three which I selected for you:

Track: Still
Artist: Unstable Time
Genre: piano

Still by Austrian composer Unstable Time is a simple yet absorbing piano piece. With its hypnotic melody, the composition perfectly fits with the melancholic atmosphere of Lee’s haiku.

Track: Mystery Heart
Artist: Ed Mundio
Genre: ambient

Australian artist Ed Mundio focused on the more mysterious aspect of the haiku: the inscrutability of feelings.

Track: Fool’s Hope
Artist: CHILD
Genre: electronic

CHILD didn’t participate in the Haiku challenge for a while and I’m happy he’s back this week. His music is timeless and mesmerizing, and Fool’s Hope is a perfect example of it.

Thank you for listening. Next week we’ll be posting music inspired by Corine Timmer’s haiku:

The falling tide
tugs at my dream
Winter solstice

The deadline to submit your track is 27 March. To find out more and participate, please visit the Naviar Records site.

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  1. It’s interesting to listen to the varied interpretations. Personally, I don’t feel melancholy when I read this haiku. Incurable optimism jumps to mind. I can’t wait to listen to hear all the tracks inspired by my haiku.

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