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Haiku in the Workplace: Introduction

kacian_jimFrom October 2014 through April 2016 Haiku Foundation president Jim Kacian offered a weekly column on haiku for the London Financial Times centered on the theme of work. Beginning next week we will share these columns with the haiku community at large, along with an invitation to join in the fun. Send us a poem on the theme of the week, from the classical Japanese tradition, or contemporary practice, or perhaps one of your own, which you might even write for the occasion. The best of these will be added to the column.

Let’s begin our new feature with a consideration of work in the broadest terms: what is work to you? And how has it come to be featured in your haiku?

Next Week’s Theme: Work (in General)

Send your poem using “workplace haiku” as the subject by Sunday midnight to our Contact Form. Good luck!

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Looking forward to reading the workplace haiku!

    Are you looking for more new submissions to add to your previously posted articles?
    Reading this, I don’t find that to be clear.



  2. This should be fun! ?

    Jim Kacian’s Workplace Haiku column was the only reason I consulted the FT! The work of David Dayson and Ernesto Santiago was often placed winner or runner up from what I remember.

    1. .
      This will be really interesting!
      Hi Marion, and myself too, both as a winner, and a runner off.
      Also got to hear your haiku read out at the London event, Marion. :-)
      warm regards,

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