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HAIKU DIALOGUE – door to door – doorstep

door to door

With a nod to ‘Haiku Windows’, a past feature from when I first began this column, & also an idea suggested a long time ago by poet Laurie Greer, for the next several weeks we will explore some concepts relating to doors. Be inspired by these prompts – I can’t wait to read where they take you – & please note that there is no requirement to include the words of the prompt in the poems… enjoy! kj

next week’s theme: doorbell

Ding, dong! or Bzzzzz… a signal that your visitor has arrived, or, where I live, perhaps a local candidate in the recent election would like to have a word…

I look forward to reading your submissions.

The deadline is midnight Pacific Daylight Time, Saturday April 24, 2021.

Please use the Haiku Dialogue submission form below to enter one or two original unpublished haiku inspired by the week’s theme, and then press Submit to send your entry. (The Submit button will not be available until the Name, Email, and Place of Residence fields are filled in.) With your poem, please include any special formatting requirements & your name as you would like it to appear in the column. A few haiku will be selected for commentary each week. Please note that by submitting, you agree that your work may appear in the column – neither acknowledgment nor acceptance emails will be sent. All communication about the poems that are posted in the column will be added as blog comments.

below is the commentary for doorstep:

climate change
amazon on every
Lamart Cooper
The wordplay here involves the term ‘amazon’, which can refer to the online retailer &/or the river & rainforest of South America. Both have connotations when situated with the term ‘climate change’ & this adds several intriguing levels of meaning…
at the door
Margaret Walker
Lincoln, NE, USA
In this poem, line 2 acts as a pivot – reading one way with line 1, & a different way with line 3. This is a wonderful way to add meaning without adding syllables…
trick or treat 
COVID masquerading 
as the girl next door
Michael Henry Lee
Saint Augustine Florida
Many readers will be familiar with Hallowe’en traditions – this poet turns expectations of costumed children on the doorstep into a pandemic warning…
I leave the umbrella
and the rains
at the doorstep
Ram Chandran
Anyone who has walked any distance in heavy rain knows the relief of stepping into the shelter of a building, & leaving wet shoes & dripping coat at the door. Here the entire storm is left behind as the speaker crosses that threshold, entering what the reader may imagine is a pleasantly warm, dry, welcoming environment…

& here are the rest of my selections:

returning geese
at our doorstep
father’s shoes
Agus Maulana Sunjaya
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
doorstep to doorstep
the death
down the road
Alan Peat
Biddulph, United Kingdom
tracks through 
the last snow of spring
at my doorstep
Albert Schepers
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
porchlight shadows
dragging in
what the mat doesn’t catch
Alex Fyffe
United States
I still wait
for you to cross this threshold…
ghost stories
Alfred Booth
Colombes, France
I search for another copy
of “Alice in Wonderland”
Ana Drobot
almost knocking on
my old teak door 
cherry blossoms
Anjali Warhadpande
Pune, India
at the doorstep
winding up…
a dandelion clock
Anna Yin
Ontario, Canada
at the doorstep
already a scent
of homesickness
Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India
first date – 
another breath
before knocking
Barrie Levine
Wenham MA USA
a ray of sun shines
on my doorsteps – 
haiku subscription
Bona M. Santos
Los Angeles, CA
on the front step
our first kiss
opens the door
Bryan Rickert
Belleville, Illinois USA
twilight dawn – 
milk bottles and butter
on the doorstep
Carol Judkins
Carlsbad, CA
garden gate guardian
cracked yard sale buddha
a child’s gift
Charles Harmon
Los Angeles, California USA
cinching his belt
another notch tighter
Christopher Seep
United States
dog days
a tomcat purring
on my doorstep
Cristina Apetrei
doorstep delivery
she carries the boxes
by herself
Deborah Karl-Brandt
Bonn, Germany
no welcome mat
on the doorstep
Easter lilies
Deborah P Kolodji
Temple City, California
Old threshold
behind the door randomly
scattered memories
Dejan Ivanovic
Lazarevac, Serbia
the shrill cry
of newborns
double rainbow
Dottie Piet
Tulsa, OK
sleepy morning
a small neighbour lost marbles
on my doorstep
Dubravka Šćukanec
pride slowly
slips away
Edna Beers
abandoned abbey
crossing the threshold
dandelion fluff
Eva Limbach
empty chrysalis
on the doorstep 
end of summer
Florin C. Ciobica
sulla soglia di casa…
il ritmo delle onde 
così lontano
rhythm of the waves 
so far away
Giuliana Ravaglia
Bologna Italia
a stray cat
sniffs my doorstep
house hunting
Greer Woodward
Waimea, HI
back step
Helen Buckingham
United Kingdom
on the threshold
getting nowhere
–  step-ups
Ingrid Baluchi
North Macedonia
dusty doorstep…
shadows play
hide and seek
Ivan Gaćina
Zadar, Croatia
home doorstep
for the lost son
too far
Ivanka Kostantino
Nova Gorica Slovenija
a doorstep
an outstretched hand of a beggar
Ivica Mlinar
marble stairs
the life
I step up to 
Jackie Chou
Pico Rivera, CA USA
doorstep parcels
the recent widow
adjusts her shawl
Jenn Ryan-Jauregui
Tucson, AZ. USA
and in between
Jharna Sanyal
counting the time
between lightning and thunder
Heaven’s Door
John S Green
Bellingham, WA
stone circle
we open ourselves
to the stars
John Hawkhead
the woman
between proud and fear…
space walk
Jorge Alberto Giallorenzi
Chivilcoy. Bs.As. Argentina
a moon beam
crossing the doorstep – 
grandmom’s perfume in the air
Julia Guzmán
Córdoba, Argentina
loved ones
hovering by the door
Kanjini Devi
The Far North, Aotearoa NZ
on my door step
the bonsai’s long shadow – 
shortest day
kash poet
at our door
twenty years later 
his mother’s welcome mat
Kath Abela Wilson
United States
flower bouquet 
the deliveryman’s mask
with a bee pattern
Keiko Izawa
sad news – 
waves crashing
on the doorstep
the day he became
the big brother
Laurie Greer
Washington, DC
rows of daisies 
on the edge of the road 
kiosks on lockdown 
le margherite
ai bordi della strada
i chioschi in lockdown
Luisa Santoro
Rome, Italy
wilted roses
on the doorstep
hospital stay
M. R. Defibaugh
Richmond, VA
distant virus
at my doorstep
shrinking world
Madhuri Pillai
Melbourne, Australia
on the doorstep
the shadow of a memory
fills the silence
Maria Teresa Piras
Serrenti Italia
falling star – 
my son’s voice
behind the door
Maria Teresa Sisti
love songs
by the fireplace…
worries on the doorstep
Mariangela Canzi
from her wheelchair 
her child’s chalk garden
Marilyn Ashbaugh
Edwardsburg, Michigan USA
tripping over the threshold repeating patterns
Mark Gilbert
another dream
you ask me once again 
to just step across
Mark Meyer
United States
birdsong at the door spring dawn
martin gottlieb cohen
Egg Harbor, NJ United States
still waiting 
for the one who is gone
porch light
Mary Vlooswyk
Calgary, AB
farewell boutonnières
his doorstep 
covered with roses
Maxianne Berger
Outremont, Quebec
ants in and out 
through the doorsteps…
a long day
Maya Daneva
The Netherlands
Earth Day
on the threshold
my recycled doormat
Melanie Vance
once more 
on her doorstep 
my lost dog 
Milan Rajkumar
Imphal, India
spring twilight
at the doorstep of the night
I wait for the stars
Minal Sarosh
Ahmedabad, India
doorstep before infinity
the dark energy
ignites stars
Minko Tanev
with the head down 
over doorstep
Mirela Brăilean
a bird on my doorstep 
the lightness of things
coming and going
Mona Iordan
a butterfly
banging on the windowpane…
painted blossoms
Muskaan Ahuja
Chandigarh, India
they open the door
to new possibilities
Nancy Brady
Huron, Ohio
another spring 
the welcome mat
almost new
Neena Singh
Chandigarh, India
next door’s deliveries
always more interesting
than mine
Nick T
Somerset, UK
almost asleep – 
the enchanted realm
of my dreams
Nicole Pottier
pandemic time
leaving food
on my parents’ doorstep
Olivier Schopfer
Geneva, Switzerland
the old beagle
cocks his head 
waiting for dad
Padma Rajeswari
Mumbai, India
never seen beyond
the doorstep
the saleswoman
Padmini Krishnan
windy Lynn Canal 
weekly barge waits
just out of reach
Pam Joy
Southeast Alaska
recalling ~
one giant leap
for mankind
Paul Geiger
Sebastopol CA
the words
she’ll never say
Peter Fischer
Vancouver, Canada
Papa Legba
at the doorstep – 
words we used to know
Pippa Phillips
United States
the house lizard
competes to enter
Priti Aisola
Hyderabad, India
muddy boots
on the home doorstep
mom’s absence
Radostina Dragostinova
each time i rearrange
the welcome mat
Richa Sharma
funfair mirror – 
she gives the footplate 
an extra buff
Robert Kingston
Chelmsford, UK
blind date – 
broken toys
on the doorstep
Roberta Beary
County Mayo Ireland
top stoop
on the morning paper
a fatted slug
Ron Scully
Manchester NH
returning home…
the doorstep crowded with
autumn leaves
Sanela Plisko
after the storm
flooding up to the doorstep
of the halfway house
Sari Grandstaff
Saugerties, New York, U.S.A.
glorious summer 
the gift on my doorstep 
a neighbour’s dog 
her hand’s pull
up the doorsteps
starry sky
Stephen A. Peters
Bellingham, Wa. USA
mountain hut
before the evening doorstep
the Milky Way
Stoianka Boianova
delivery at the doorstep COVID connection
Susan Farner
United States
hollowed pumpkin
sagging on the doorstep
bare trees
Timmy Cremin
birthday – 
on my doorstep
a dead mouse
Tomislav Sjekloća
Cetinje, Montenegro
on my doorstep 
all his things 
packed in bin bags 
Tracy Davidson
Warwickshire, UK
on the doorstep
another returned letter
Tsanka Shishkova
escape room – 
seeking the key 
to COVID-19
Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Fairlawn, Ohio USA
old neighbour
two days old newspapers
on her doorstep
Vandana Parashar
half moon
a lonely kitten on
the doorstep
Vibeke Laier
steep step the sleepless shelter step
Victor Ortiz
Bellingham, WA, USA
at your doorstep – 
my heartbeat louder
than the bell
Vidya Venkatramani
Chennai, India
long wait
only dry leaves
on my doorstep
Vishnu Kapoor
Chennai, India
piled high
on the doorstep
occupant mail
Wendy C. Bialek
az, usa
return after years
the seventh step of stairs
still cracked
Wiesław Karliński
Namysłów, Poland
stone doorstep
how many molecules
one step breaks off
kameni prag
koliko molekula odlomi
jedan korak ?
Zrinko Šimunić

Lori Zajkowski is the Post Manager for Haiku Dialogue. A novice haiku poet, she lives in New York City.

Managing Editor Katherine Munro lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and publishes under the name kjmunro. She is Membership Secretary for Haiku Canada, and her debut poetry collection is contractions (Red Moon Press, 2019). Find her at:

The Haiku Foundation reminds you that participation in our offerings assumes respectful and appropriate behavior from all parties. Please see our Code of Conduct policy.

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  1. Many thanks to Lori Zajkowski and Katherine Munro for including a haiku of mine in this beautiful collection. I loved all the haiku very much, especially Ram Chandran’s.

  2. So many interesting responses to this prompt! These are a few that stood out for me, among so many good ones.

    Old threshold
    behind the door randomly
    scattered memories
    Dejan Ivanovic
    Lazarevac, Serbia
    Yes, as we step across the doorstep to our old home all those memories flood back.

    on my doorstep
    all his things
    packed in bin bags
    Tracy Davidson
    Warwickshire, UK

    Decision made, just remnants of the old life left on the doorstep!

    a bird on my doorstep
    the lightness of things
    coming and going
    Mona Iordan

    Beautiful image of light!

    wilted roses
    on the doorstep
    hospital stay
    M. R. Defibaugh
    Richmond, VA

    Sad. Those flowers never reached the intended recipient!

  3. Thanks kj for including my monoku, of the rest I particularly enjoyed Barrie Levine playing with the pause with:

    first date –
    another breath
    before knocking

    and Eva Limbach’s beautiful image in:

    abandoned abbey
    crossing the threshold
    dandelion fluff

  4. Delighted that my haiku has been posted this week. Thanks a lot for including it, KJ.
    Congratulations to everyone.
    Looking forward to reading all the wonderful haiku here selected.

  5. Congratulations to all the poets featured this week! There were so many poems to admire. I particularly enjoyed this one…

    I leave the umbrella
    and the rains
    at the doorstep

    Ram Chandran

    What a positive and vibrant image! Glorious!

  6. I have experienced this so many times in the past! I don’t keep cats any more but the ku is great!

    birthday –
    on my doorstep
    a dead mouse
    Tomislav Sjekloća
    Cetinje, Montenegro

  7. Thank you for including my haiku in this selection and for the commentary. I always enjoy reading this wonderful collection each week!

  8. thanks for this lovely gathering of poems .. I especially enjoyed this one here,

    pandemic time
    leaving food
    on my parents’ doorstep

    Olivier Schopfer
    Geneva, Switzerland

    I know so many people who had to function exactly that way ..

  9. I haven’t read all the poems yet but was enchanted by John Hawkhead’s

    stone circle
    we open ourselves
    to the stars

    Beautiful image.

    1. Thank you Margaret – I live a ‘stone’s throw’ away from the great circle at Avebury and not far from Stonehenge so I keep getting drawn back to these ancient places of mystery and wonder.

      1. I have been only to Avebury – but the mystery and myth that surround these sites of standing stones most definitely inspire an intense sense of wonder. It is often quite magical when thought of as a “doorway”.
        However you think of these stones, your “we open ourselves/to the stars” has it’s own magical quality.

  10. 1.

    at midnight
    the old hotel doorbell rang
    no one there

    Nani Mariani


    the school bell rings
    the students rejoice
    noisy …

    Nani Mariani

  11. Thank you so much for including mine among all these takes on the theme! Congratulations to all the poets here.
    One particular haiku resonates with me:

    at our door
    twenty years later
    his mother’s welcome mat

    Kath Abela Wilson
    United States

  12. Thanks Kathy for including mine.
    Congratulations to all on another diverse take on the prompt.

    This one stood out for me.

    flower bouquet
    the deliveryman’s mask
    with a bee pattern

    Keiko Izawa

    In the current climate to be given anything at the door arrives with a potential sting in its tail. I think this one by Kieron captures the moment well.

    1. Thank you very much Robert for the unique comment. And pls don’t worry about the typo😉

  13. recalling ~
    one giant leap
    for mankind
    Paul Geiger
    Sebastopol CA
    Many watched from home when an astronaut was at the doorstep of the lunar surface. Thank-you for the memory.

  14. Thanks for including mine again, kj and Lori.

    Congratulations everyone on some great work. A particular thumbs up for Lamart Cooper’s clever, though far from glib:

    climate change
    amazon on every

    And the following by Mary Vlooswyk:

    still waiting
    for the one who is gone
    porch light

    Many strong ‘grief ku’ here, but this touches a particular chord.

    1. Thank you for the comment about my haiku Helen.
      I really appreciate it.
      Sadly, Covid was a factor to the passing of a son last year.

      1. Please accept my condolences, Mary. And thanks again for sharing your intensely moving poem.

    2. Thank you for your kind comment Helen. It is truly appreciated and I enjoy reading your haiku in this forum and in the many publications I see your work in.

  15. Thank you Kathy for welcoming my haiku on your doorstep! Congratulations to all the poets here! I love Ram Chandran’s haiku that you commented on. I think it would be lovely to have this haiku printed on an umbrella or printed on an umbrella stand that you keep on the doorstep. Great job!

  16. Thank-you Kathy for publishing mine and for all you do on this column. Congrats to my fellow Ohio poet Nancy Brady and to all the poets chosen this week.

  17. an alert bell –
    i replied
    instead of submitting
    😀 😀 😀

    My bad!
    I will make a fresh submit.

  18. Congratulations to all the poets. Well done to all especially those with commentary. Thanks for including one of mine among all these varied haiku about doorsteps. I struggled with this prompt initially until I read it again as the time ticked down to the cut off. I thought it said door stop, and unlike a door stop, I was unable to hold open my mind to a haiku moment.

  19. children shout
    and pack up
    on school bell

    i fold hands
    with closed eyes
    listening to temple bells

  20. So pleased to have my haiku selected for your commentary this week! Thank you.
    I enjoy the challenge of each week’s prompt and appreciate your dedication to reading the many entries.

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