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HAIKU DIALOGUE – Childhood Memories – Special Occasions

Poets from all around the world – we appreciate your support of Haiku Dialogue! Because of your enthusiasm & record submissions, we will be changing how the column runs in the New Year… starting in January 2023, we will break each current post into two – the long list of selected poems will be posted one week, & the poems with commentary, & a new prompt, the following week… please be patient as we all adjust to the new system! with sincere thanks, kj

Childhood Memories with Guest Editors Sherry & Zoe Grant

Childhood. We’ve all been there. No matter your age, your childhood memories are probably like mine, made of happy and sad moments. Along the way, we’ve all had to make choices. Did you turn out to be the person you’ve dreamt to be? My youngest daughter Zoe and I grew up in different countries and therefore faced different expectations and challenges. We enjoy creating arts, music and poetry together, and I often find her ideas fresh and inspiring. Our goals for the next five years will be to inspire one billion people with our music and poetry, and for families around the world to have fun creating collaboratively like we do! What was your own childhood like? What was the most memorable moment? This month, Zoe and I would like to invite you to share your treasured childhood memories.

next week’s theme: School Days, Family and Friends (“Who” was important in your life during childhood and “why”?) by Zoe Grant

I have lots of friends at school. But there is only one BFF. Who was your best friend at school? Did you get along with your siblings? Were your parents nice or strict? What about your teachers? I am very lucky my teachers are very cool, and I enjoy going to school most of the time. My mum told me she had so many tests and music exams when she was little because she was born in Taiwan!

The last two years we had several long lockdowns in Auckland and I had to go to school online. I enjoyed not having to get up early to get changed at first, but soon I really missed my friends and teachers, even though I could see and talk to them online everyday, but it was not the same. So I wrote this haiku and we republished it at Chalk on the Walk Haiku later:

school swings
only pigeons

— Zoe Grant (NZ), Stardust Issue 58, Oct 2021 & Chalk on the Walk Haiku, Dec 2021

My mum also wrote a similar poem, one of six in a haiku sequence called “Our Games:”

empty park
echoes of paper
scissors rock

— Sherry Grant (NZ), Modern Haiku 53:1 Feb 2022

My mum wrote a very sad poem when her old cello teacher passed away earlier this year:

my old teacher
her death
a cello string snaps

— Sherry Grant (NZ), Brass Bell Mar 2022

I am a very busy girl. After school I go to ballet, singing and flute lessons. In my spare time I help my mum with chores and also we run online poetry workshops and edit haiku and rengay journals. I’ve been recording 250 short form poems about music or sound for the International Scriabin 150 Festival that my mum organised. Perhaps you have memories of your after-school activities. Were you as busy as me?

My mum and I love creating together. We want to inspire one billion people with our music and poetry in the next 5 years. After I edited this photo, my mum wrote a haiku to go with it. It was also inspired by Stravinsky’s “Firebird” ballet concert we saw at the time:

a firebird’s dream

— Sherry Grant (haiku), Zoe Grant (photo/art), Chalk on the Walk Haiku Sept 2021

We would love to read about your school days, or your family life in childhood. You can probably already guess that I look forward to Chinese New Years because I will get red envelopes from my grandparents!

The deadline is midnight Eastern Standard Time, Saturday December 31, 2022.

Please use the Haiku Dialogue submission form below to enter one or two original unpublished haiku inspired by the week’s theme, and then press Submit to send your entry. (The Submit button will not be available until the Name, Email, and Place of Residence fields are filled in.) With your poem, please include any special formatting requirements & your name & residence as you would like it to appear in the column. A few haiku will be selected for commentary each week. Please note that by submitting, you agree that your work may appear in the column – neither acknowledgment nor acceptance emails will be sent. All communication about the poems that are posted in the column will be added as blog comments.

below is the commentary for special occasions:

To cheer up the world during a cold Christmas, Zoe and I performed an online family concert where over 40 Christmas haiku and 2 rengay were shared alongside music. For the New Year (first weekend of 2023) Zoe and I will perform another online concert with all piano music by 85-year-old Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov to promote world peace, where more poetry will be shared. I feel that by getting children involved in what we do, we pass on our passion, experience and values. Writing haiku trains the mind to focus – it is important to spend some quiet time with ourselves in this noisy world where everything demands our attention. This week, poets were invited to share childhood memories of a special occasion. Zoe and I hope that you enjoy reading this mixture of happy and sad memories. We certainly have learned a lot about other cultures through these wonderful poems. Instead of handing out “rejections”, Zoe and I would rather if they are considered “invitations to rewrite and improve”. Oh the things haiku can teach us!

Zoe’s comments:

Like most kids, I enjoy watching superhero movies because they always save the day. I hope one day I will be brave and no longer afraid of the dark.

Bocca della Verità –
my little daughter does not dare
put her hand

Tomislav Maretić


backyard superhero
before saving the world

Stephen A. Peters
Bellingham, WA

I love surprises. Especially when they are presents for me. I can feel the excitement in these haiku.

pillow fight
whirling snowflakes
outside & inside

Chen Xiaoou
Kunming, China


surprise party my scream before theirs

Susan Burch
Hagerstown, MD

This time I learned about different cultures and festivals. These haiku were really funny!

Eid festival
a peanut stuck
in brother’s nostril

AJ. Anwar
Jakarta, Indonesia


Diwali night
a firecracker finds
my skirt

Vandana Parashar

Sherry’s comments:

I appreciate the humour in these poems. They made me smile. How wonderfully different images are joined together here.

old calendar
a crushed mosquito marks
Basho’s birthday

Florin C. Ciobica


jingling pockets
chase a mango cart
temporary truce

Kavita Ratna


pics and songs
lost to smoke and fire—
saved to cloud

Stephen J. DeGuire
Los Angeles, CA

These moments and emotions have been beautifully captured. Childhood dreams can never be lost – even if we are deeply buried in the reality of here and now, we have these memories to go back to.

paper boat
a long time ago
i was the captain

Daniel Dapo
Sorsogon City, Philippines


tonga ride
grandpa makes me
a princess

Daya Bhat


new pet
the squeak of excitement
guinea pigs

Millie Mignonne Cox
Warwickshire, UK


lunch with grandma –
pretending the dog
ate my greens

Lori Kiefer
London U.K.


shiver of the universe
from first love-
graduation dance

Gordana Kurtović


christening cake–
the first taste
of your name

Pippa Phillips
Kansas City, MO

and here are the rest of the selections:

kite flying —
letters to dad tied
to the string

Lakshmi Iyer


a pile of apple fritters
sneaking out in the middle
of the night

Barbara Gaiardoni
Verona (Italy)


first holiday since,
I pull your empty chair
closer to the hearth

Christopher Seep
Ballwin, MO


A snow day –
cold flakes on my tongue,
the taste of freedom

Caroline Ridley-Duff
Yorkshire, England


visiting England with granny the bitter taste of ale

Deborah Karl-Brandt
Bonn, Germany


Winter solstice
sunrise between the trees
of Kyiv

martin gottlieb cohen
the shadows are growing shorter, USA


book fair. . .
dad gets me my own
big girl books

Surashree Joshi
Pune, India


stacking memory
over memory
seven stones

Sangita Kalarickal
United States


Charmouth beach
tapping a pebble with a hammer
first ammonite

Ann Rawson


in the church organ loft . . .
grandpa’s lessons

Alfred Booth
Lyon, France


paper dolls
designing the outfits
I’d never have

Pat Davis
Concord, NH USA


eighth birthday
pass the parcel reveals
a toothbrush

Marilyn Ward
Lincolnshire UK


on thin ice
Christmas morning

marilyn ashbaugh
edwardsburg, michigan usa


broken piñata –
slowly sipping Prosecco
while spilling her guts

Jonathan Aylett
Liverpool, UK


Turnip lanterns,
cutting myself as I carve,
ragged winter face

Sarah Davies


headlamps bobbing…
mom and I flip another rock
for the crabs

Wai Mei Wong


brave the snow never missing a coffee date

Eleanor Dean
Massachusetts, United States


lobby bulletin board
last summer’s rates

Roberta Beach Jacobson
Indianola, Iowa


Christmas night
the children’s bellies
full of cocoa

Bryan Rickert
Belleville, Illinois USA


my first role
Doc in Snow White at five
the drama begins

Eavonka Ettinger
Long Beach, CA


we walked into
the future measured out
in km – expo 74

Curt Linderman


boy in bermuda shorts
the sun touches
chains of waves

Dejan Ivanovic
Lazarevac, Serbia


Chinese new year
trading my red envelope
for a mistletoe

Jackie Chou
United States


Christmas trip
in the backseat bag
Santa’s gift, found

Pris Campbell


clear sky –
inside a pin cushion
looking out

Jerome Berglund
Minneapolis, Minnesota


dropped coin…
my broken smile
costs mum a bunch

Robert Kingston
Chelmsford, United Kingdom


drop a coin to watch
milk pour from a dolphin’s mouth—
automat birthday

James Penha
Bali, Indonesia


holiday journey ~
we raced the snowstorm
to grandma’s

David Josephsohn
Greensboro NC


coming of age day
the scent of mother’s
old kimono

Alvin Cruz


home away from home the breath of a sycamore

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
United States


salt in the air
knees sunk in the sand
searching for starfish

Rebecca Kolstad
Rochester, NY


jump ropes
hide and seek
reminiscing at 75

Naomi G Tangonan


celebration of life–
a scattering of
cosmos seeds

Allison Douglas-Tourner
Victoria, BC


one sleepyhead
behind the tree
waiting for Santa

Ester Castillo
Cebu, Philippines


axe in hand
daddy dances
with the chicken

Charles Harper


laundry bubbles
blowing a snow
in my hands

Ronjo Cayetano
Sampaguita, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro


bon festival dance—
showing a stranger
how to step

Keiko Izawa


little children
exchanging box of gifts
christmas party

Crisiel Requiz


beautiful togetherness
explore the sunday market

Nani Mariani


the old campus where
our eyes met

Jeff Leong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


tiny grandma
decorating the spruce
tinsel rides her skirt

Michelle V. Alkerton
Ontario, Canada


snow again–
yesterday’s snowman wear
much makeup

Teiichi Suzuki


uncle’s wedding
the taste of a cake
before it is cut

Ravi Kiran


summer rain…
in the yard

Refika Dedić
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Wedding feast
at the village hall
my dogs and cats are invited

Aine A. Losauro Ligaw Makata
Passi Iloilo, Philippines


winter sunshine
the boy’s best friend
is soup

Bee Jay
Melbourne, Australia


grade 2 teacher
sending a note in a book
cool touch

Loreta Bande
The Philippines


stealing mangoes
from mango-tope
chased by mali

(tope = grove, mali = gardner)



Diwali night
going on a drive
to view the displays

Govind Joshi
Dehradun, India


escaping from mother
with palmful of warm oil
festival of lights

(On Deepavalli, festival of lights, tradition was getting up very early morning to have an oil bath and wearing new clothes. It’s celebrated as the day when light won over darkness.)

Krishna Palle


straight shooter
Daddy wins me something
from the top shelf

Tracy Davidson
Warwickshire, UK


rain on birthday
for the same kokeshi doll
a new song

Richa Sharma


monarch butterflies
the september smell
of pencil shavings

John Pappas
United States


son’s birthday
a scrumptious solar system
on the cake

Nitu Yumnam


first cherry harvest
earning enough money
to buy a cherry box

Sébastien Revon


first piano recital
my chopsticks set
starting on the wrong keys

Bona M. Santos
Los Angeles, CA


county fair …
the smell of sausage
on his hair

fiera paesana …
l’odore della salsiccia
sui suoi capelli

Daniela Misso


summer vacation
this year, i am
the tallest cousin

Akila G


outside and free,
tree climbing, river-side camping
on a sandy shore.

Rhonda Brown
United States


the winter spider still
on the food carton

Ranice Tara


masking faces
bura na mano holi hai

(popular saying in Hindi meaning don’t mind it is holi, the Indian festival of colours)

Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry


state fair days …
puffed up expectations in
a creamy delight

Bonnie J Scherer
Alaska, USA


first solo
diaper change—
diminishing returns

Jonathan Epstein


she knows all about me
the fortune teller’s dress
just like Ma’s

Caroline Giles Banks
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


night fires mummer’s
cowbells chase the evil
deep into the ground

Stoianka Boianova


flashbacks –
with grandfather’s donkey
across the mountain

Minko Tanev


birthday party . . .
he names the puppy
after his grandpa

Kathleen Trocmet
Texas, USA


looking up
at Christmas tree
stars in their eyes

Luciana Moretto
Treviso Italy


a dream come true …
I am under the rainbow
in the fountain

Tsanka Shishkova


frosted white
a shop bought bun
after the dentist



first rock concert-
raising heart rate hidden
under gold bow tie

Franjo Ordanić


summer holidays
braving the Irish Sea
eating red ripple ice cream

Margaret Mahony


Father’s Day
four women celebrate
the man in their lives

Susan Farner


Helston Flora Day –
Like a sunflower our child opens
her petals to the light

Vivienne Tregenza


Christmas eve
snow wraps gifts
in silence

Lakshman Bulusu
Princeton, NJ, USA


bar mitzvah
why do I still dance

Nicholas Klacsanzky
Burien, WA, USA


Christmas tree
the children are alone at home
broken ornaments

božićno drvce
djeca su sama kod kuće
slomljeni ukrasi

Zdenka Mlinar


hammering the last step
into the pine trunk

Louise Hopewell
Melbourne, Australia


summer holidays
down the creek
chasing grandma’s geese

Tuyet Van Do


vintage car rally
waving at the drivers
in my new pink frock

Neena Singh


birthday party
my son shares the last piece of cake
with a beggar’s son

Chittaluri Satyanarayana
Hyderabad, India


exam result
a bunch of daisies nodding
in a tiny hand

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India


pink pockets hanging out at pyjama party

teji sethi


first birthday
we huff and puff till he
blows out the candle

Minal Sarosh
Ahmedabad, India


vacation to ancestral home-
the ghost inside rice barn
I have never seen

Ram Chandran


Lantern festival:
flames glow in cellophane lamps —
our rainbow faces

Jenny Shepherd
London, UK (Brought up in Taiwan)


canned turkey Christmas
if mom can hide the money

Lev Hart
Calgary, Canada


moving boxes …
still leaning on the bare tree
our rotten ladder

Eva Limbach


September again
finding a silver Easter egg
behind the sofa

Mark Gilbert


exchange gift
no one wants
a fever

Joevit Prado


Sari’d ladies
Wrap me up in childhoods
Heady spice.

Richard Harris
Loughton, Essex


tucked in
to the lamp lit bedroom
soft falling snow

Sarah E. Metzler


happy birthday eve –
dad takes me to the pet store
to meet my soulmate

Natalia Kuznetsova


frosting Christmas cookies…
four sisters add sparkle
to the angels’ pink wings

Laurie Greer
Washington DC


Buddha’s Birthday
at last tall enough to turn
108 prayer wheels

Meera Rehm


birthday party
classmates delighted
by homemade cookies

Dubravka Šćukanec


every birthday party
the wrong gifts –
identical twins

Guido De Pelsmaeker
België (Holsbeek)


the best gift of all
a child born on Christmas day –
my baby sister

Paul Callus


circus show
throughout the arena
a child’s babbling

Samo Kreutz
Ljubljana, Slovenia


snowed in
Santa and Frosty wave
from the neighbor’s yard

John S Green
Bellingham, Washington USA


family hike
pointing out the recent
bear tracks

Richard L. Matta
San Diego, California, USA


summer holidays
fighting for grandma’s lap
with all my cousins

Baisali Chatterjee Dutt
Kolkata, India


first train ride
the conductor sings
the all aboard song

Barrie Levine
Massachusetts USA


folk festival
limberjacks dancing
under the trees

(A limberjack is a folk percussion instrument: a jointed wooden doll made to “dance” on a flexible board.)

Cynthia Anderson
Yucca Valley, California


Labour Day
on dad’s shoulders the sweet burden
of the little girl

Mirela Brailean


mum’s lap
i speak
the first word

Vijay Prasad
Patna, India


doting grandparents
an orange at the bottom
of Christmas stocking

Jenn Ryan-Jauregui
Tucson, Arizona USA


Diwali night
we scour the streets
for leftover crackers

Mona Bedi


birthday in the park
swatting the butterfly

Lorraine A Padden
San Diego, CA USA


opening presents
boldly proclaiming
his disappointment

Rehn Kovacic
Mesa, AZ


birthday surprise
the secret return
of father home at last

Ingrid Baluchi
North Macedonia


holiday dinner
imperfect snow angels
show up for dessert

Kathleen Mazurowski
Chicago, IL


summer treat
of mud Holi
uncle’s wedding

Bidyut Prabha Gantayat
Bhubaneswar, INDIA


winter winds
everybody bent forward
on the Great Wall

Hla Yin Mon
Yangon, Myanmar


Lions Club float
in the small town parade…
I roar the loudest

Jan Stretch
Victoria BC Canada


birthday party –
the balloons color the wind

festa di compleanno –
i palloncini colorano il vento

Maria Teresa Piras
Serrenti – Italy


the first day in kindergarten
crying in the morning
laughter in the afternoon

prvi dan u dječjem vrtiću
ujutro plač
popodne smijeh

Zrinko Šimunić


dog day
champagne for children
tickle the tongues

Mircea Moldovan


amusement park –
sunlight through
my closed eyes

Danijela Grbelja


Christmas dawning — a train whistle circles the tree

Ann Sullivan
Massachusetts, USA


snow globe
the slow swirl~
into childhood

Anthony Rabang


earliest memory
the cuts and bruises from falling
into the dishwasher

Bruce H. Feingold
Berkeley, CA, USA


on your birthday
back and forth we bat balloons

Tony Williams
Scotland, UK


manger at the church
my sister and I took turns
holding the baby

Marcia Burton
Salt Spring Island, Canada


empty beach
ma and I agree
to skip the day

Christopher Calvin
Kota Mojokerto, Indonesia


school Christmas –
part of me
still parked there

Amoolya Kamalnath


50th anniversary
dad asks
for a cup of tea

Daipayan Nair
Silchar, India


family lunch
my Christmas cracker
empty . . .

Rupa Anand
New Delhi, India


holy dip…
grandpa lets go
of grandma’s ashes

Vibha Malhotra
Noida, India


anniversary photoshoot
her head tilts
away from him

Priti Khullar


even without wheels
a pillow

John Francis Alto
Naga City, Bicol Philippines


Diwali skyline
Garland of candle fire
Crackers exploding stars

Sudha Devi Nayak


Dad’s Christmas gift
a backyard rink –
endless figure-eights

Holly Brennan
Bedford, MA


harvest moon
grandma’s song carries me
to the rice fields

Subir Ningthouja
Imphal, India


boyhood blackbird
my voice breaking
into a song

Keith Evetts
Thames Ditton UK


mountain picnic
the trickle of a brook through
our parents’ chatter

Madhuri Pillai


keeping warm
the scent of chestnuts
in silver foil

United Kingdom


peñafrancia fiesta —
the red balloon
i prayed for flies

Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo
Bombon, Philippines


Durga Puja
from grandfather’s orchard
stolen pomelos

(Children used to decorate Durga’s miniature hut with silver oak leaves and pomelo fruit. A forgotten ritual.)

Milan Rajkumar
Imphal, India


ice cream cart
candy floss
the days of street feast

Geetha Ravichandran
Mumbai India


little sisters
in matching dresses
Midnight Mass

Christina Chin


Independence Day
during the festivities
kids and dogs run free

Mike Stinson
Nebraska USA


playing dreidel
with m&ms-eating
more than betting

Margie Gustafson
Lombard, IL USA


School farewell-
Shirts dyed in ink
Eyes dyed in tears

Santhoshi Valli


too many angels
on the street

Nisha Raviprasad


biting into burnt
marshmallows –
Boy Scout campfire

Dan Campbell


pandal hopping . . .
I put off the new shoes
and apply a salve

Bipasha Majumder (De)
West Bengal, India


family zoo day
the sea otter
has her own room

Kath Abela Wilson
Pasadena, California, USA


swallow’s nest –
coming back as permanent
to my desk

Luisa Santoro
Rome, Italy


book character day
I explain why he can’t be
a power ranger

Adele Evershed
Wilton, Connecticut


Quivering in my hands
night before christmas
one present that may be opened

Herb Goldsmith
Bastrop TX


the first sip
of the sea

Slobodan Pupovac
Zagreb, Croatia


birthday party
my 3-year-old relishes
his recycled presents

Lynne Jambor
Vancouver BC Canada


first time at the stadium
learning new
cuss words

Tomislav Sjekloća
Cetinje, Montenegro


family gathering…
had sleepless nights
over gossips

Devoshruti Mandal
Varanasi, India


tripping on cow dung
my reputation sealed
the gauche girl

Ella Aboutboul
West Sussex, UK


Six Flags park fun
the skin I left behind
from my little knee

Claire Vogel Camargo


climbing in
the tiny cabin
first blimp ride

M. R. Defibaugh
United States


PTA meeting
third graders entertain

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Fairlawn, Ohio USA


Christmas the hill i climbed with dad in my head 𝄇

Alan Peat
Biddulph, United Kingdom


luck smiles at school raffle—
I win a toy lion

Joan Leotta


school ballet show
one of the snowflakes
leaves a puddle

Annie Wilson
Shropshire, UK


zoom party –
only the birthday girl
gets the cake

Nairithi Konduru, Age 8


childhood Christmases
when all my grandparents
were present

Carol Reynolds


snowstorm on halloween
adding boots to
my costume

Kerry J Heckman
Seattle, WA


how many somersaults
among the red poppies

quante capriole
fra i papaveri rossi

Giuliana Ravaglia
Bologna (Italy)


annual camp trip
but this year a brand new hat
makes me a cowgirl

Shelli Jankowski-Smith


and spit

Vicki Miko


school days
waking up early to watch
cartoons with Dad

Alex Fyffe
Houston, TX


the cover
with Pinocchio’s nose …
childhood home

la copertina
col naso di Pinocchio …
casa d’infanzia

Angiola Inglese


visiting Grandma’s
the old doll found
in the attic trove

Mona Iordan


carnival milkmaid
in petticoat and pigtails –
her pails of paper

Helene Guojah


family vacation –
dad cooks steaks in beer
for breakfast

Colette Kern
Southold NY US


first communion
dressed all in white
a toothless grin

Linda Ludwig
Inverness, Florida


at thirteen playing ball
again breaking glass
Bar Mitzvah

Margaret Tau
New Bern, North Carolina


and spun around
I stumble towards the donkey

Sari Grandstaff
Saugerties, NY, USA


Mount Lassen hike . . .
our daughter
composes an opera

Sheila Sondik
Bellingham, WA USA


birthday party
we play bingo
for bracelets

Nancy Brady
Huron, Ohio


cold bunker bed . . .
colourful crepe-streamers
crisscrossing the dorm

Firdaus Parvez


Guest Editor Sherry Grant is a Taiwanese-born New Zealand classical concert pianist, cellist, poet, author, translator and festival organiser. Since 2021 she and her youngest daughter Zoe have been promoting short form poetry by co-editing several journals, presenting at haiku conferences and organising poetry workshops. As a musician, Sherry plays online concerts regularly and in her recent North American concert tour she also shared her poems during recitals. Sherry is a well published haiku/cherita/rengay poet. Her rengay written with Alan Peat (UK) won the first prize at the 2021 Otoroshi Rengay Contest. Sherry also enjoys writing longer rhymed poems and plans to publish several poetry books and chapbooks in the near future, including 300 love poems written for her favourite composer Alexander Scriabin, in 3 volumes.
Visit for updates.

Guest Editor Zoe Grant, a well-published 8-year-old haiku poet from New Zealand, is the co-author and illustrator of Bat Girl, written in 2020 when she was 6 years old. Her haiku won the first prize at the 2021 NZPS International Haiku Competition (School/Junior) and she is the co-editor of Chalk on the Walk Haiku, Chalk on the Walk Monoku, Haiku Zoo Journal and Raining Rengay. Zoe enjoys drawing, singing, ballet and writing poetry. She co-hosts the International Rengay Gatherings with her mother Sherry Grant twice a year. This daughter-mother duo plans to go on concert tours to share their poetry and music with the world. Zoe shared 250 short form poems by 250 poets at the 3-day online International Scriabin 150 Festival in November 2022. She plans to do poetry podcasts in the near future. Follow Zoe’s projects at

Lori Zajkowski is the Post Manager for Haiku Dialogue. A novice haiku poet, she lives in New York City.

Managing Editor Katherine Munro lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and publishes under the name kjmunro. She is Membership Secretary for Haiku Canada, and her debut poetry collection is contractions (Red Moon Press, 2019). Find her at:

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Delighted to feature in The Haiku Foundation’s Haiku Dialogue today: week’s theme: School Days, Family and Friends.
    My gratitude to Guest Editors Sherry Grant & Zoe Grant for selecting my haiku written on this week’s prompt: so many wonderful memories of childhood… Zoe

    I will not say goodbye to Sherry and Zoe: we would meet again! Congratulations to all writers! My thanks also to Kathy, Lori, and the Haiku Foundation.

  2. Thanks much, Sherry and Zoe for including my haiku in this special occasions from childhood selection. A great collection from around the world.
    My favorite

    she knows all about me
    the fortune teller’s dress
    just like Ma’s

    Caroline Giles Banks
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    How beautiful is this.

  3. I enjoyed the experience of this set of haiku from around the world. It made me realize how differently childhood can be according to the region. There were so many wonderful memories. One of the most interesting poems was the one I am posting here. I like it when a haiku leaves me with the hint of a backstory or the mystery of the unspoken.

    she knows all about me
    the fortune teller’s dress
    just like Ma’s

    Caroline Giles Banks
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  4. Many thanks to Zoe and Sherry for selecting and including my work! Truly delighted to see my poem included in this awesome column! Thanks to KJ, Lori, and the editorial team at the Haiku Foundation, for all your efforts, time and dedication. Happy New Year to all, and congratulations to all the poets featured.

  5. Thanks Zoe and Sherry for selecting so many childhood memories from the global community of haiku poets. It is easy to relate to so many of these haiku and even for those outside of my childhood experience imagine the event(s) that were so memorable. Congrats to all the poets for such insightful haiku as seen through each child’s eyes. Thanks for selecting one of mine for this collection, too,

    Thanks to KJ and Lori and the whole staff at the Haiku Foundation for all the work you do every week to keep this column going. Happy New Year to all!

  6. Thank you Sherry and Zoe for including me in the last Haiku Dialogue of 2022. It’s funny how childhood is ever-present. I appreciate all your hard work and the work of all the guest editors over the past year. Thank you Kathy and Lori for all your efforts on this feature. I appreciate this worldwide haiku community that participates here every week. So many incredible haiku here on childhood events that have remained in our hearts. Thank you!

  7. Many thanks to Zoe and Sherry for selecting my haiku. Also, thanks to the Haiku Foundation for encouraging thousands of haiku poets around the world. Last but not the least, congratulations to all other poets published here.

  8. Thank you, Sherry and Zoe for making every Wednesday a treasure trove of memories. So happy to be included with so many of my poetry friends.

    My gratitude to kj, Lori, and THF for all they do to provide this space. I think the changes in January will be incredibly helpful for everyone.

  9. Thank you so much Sherry Grant and Zoe for the lovely prompts and for sharing my poem/s with a heartwarming thought!
    Also gratitude to everyone who make this weekly dialogue possible 🙏
    Wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year! Enjoyed each and every childhood poem.

  10. Thank you, Zoe and Sherry, for selecting my haiku for publication. I love Zoe’s haiku: the feeling really comes through. I enjoyed reading some of the other haiku too. My thanks also to Kj, Lori, and the Haiku Foundation. Happy New Year to everybody and Happy Haiku Writing!

  11. Thank you for this delightful string of haiku, Sherry and Zoe; reminds me of a big box of assorted chocolates 🙂
    Congratulations to all writers featured here. Happy New Year to everybody!

  12. My thanks to Zoe and Sherry for selecting my haiku for publication. My thanks also to Kathy, Lori, and the Haiku Foundation. Congrats to fellow Ohio poets Nancy Brady and Tiffany Shaw-Diaz and to all the other poets.

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