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HAIKU DIALOGUE – Childhood Memories – A Special Item from Childhood

Childhood Memories with Guest Editors Sherry & Zoe Grant

Childhood. We’ve all been there. No matter your age, your childhood memories are probably like mine, made of happy and sad moments. Along the way, we’ve all had to make choices. Did you turn out to be the person you’ve dreamt to be? My youngest daughter Zoe and I grew up in different countries and therefore faced different expectations and challenges. We enjoy creating arts, music and poetry together, and I often find her ideas fresh and inspiring. Our goals for the next five years will be to inspire one billion people with our music and poetry, and for families around the world to have fun creating collaboratively like we do! What was your own childhood like? What was the most memorable moment? This month, Zoe and I would like to invite you to share your treasured childhood memories.

next week’s theme: Special Occasions (When and Where?) by Sherry Grant

I have four kids and when they were little, birthdays were a big deal. It was always difficult to decide who to invite to these birthday parties and where to go, whether to hold them at home or somewhere else. Zoe wrote this haiku which seems very funny, but perhaps a little sad from a young child’s point of view:

birthday party
a bag of Doritos
only crumbs left

— Zoe Grant (NZ), Failed Haiku Issue 71, Nov 2021

I also remember taking my kids trick-or-treating since they were babies. Once I had to make a quick lion costume overnight, stitched entirely by hand, but it felt great knowing all four kids got to wear that costume over the years for different occasions including book character days.

This however changed when Covid started so Zoe wrote this haiku. Fortunately for this year (2022) Halloween was no longer cancelled!

giving out candies
on zoom

— Zoe Grant (NZ), Haiku Dialogue 2021-11-03

There were many special events I took my kids to, which they have now outgrown. I do miss the time when they were little, but I am also happy to see them growing up and becoming independent. There were many special occasions, and I was always the ‘photographer’ who tried very hard to preserve such memories.

Share with us your memory of a special occasion. It can be a festival, a carnival, or a hike with family. Anything that you really enjoyed and could remember clearly even to this day.

The deadline is midnight Eastern Standard Time, Saturday December 24, 2022.

Please use the Haiku Dialogue submission form below to enter one or two original unpublished haiku inspired by the week’s theme, and then press Submit to send your entry. (The Submit button will not be available until the Name, Email, and Place of Residence fields are filled in.) With your poem, please include any special formatting requirements & your name & residence as you would like it to appear in the column. A few haiku will be selected for commentary each week. Please note that by submitting, you agree that your work may appear in the column – neither acknowledgment nor acceptance emails will be sent. All communication about the poems that are posted in the column will be added as blog comments.

below is the commentary for a special item from childhood:

For the end of 2022, Zoe again is very generous with her selections for prompt 2 (Childhood Memories “A Special Item”) – we wish everyone a joyous holiday and hope you can tune in to our next online concert where we perform Christmas music and share seasonal haiku from around the world. Zoe and I are also planning to release the first issues of Haiku Zoo Journal and Raining Rengay in the coming weeks, which is a lot of editing ahead, but we really enjoy the process, and working together as a team. Our next big project will be to interview poets, musicians, and scholars starting from 2023. Another reminder that there is an upper limit of 2 poems per submission period and a deadline to observe, for our next two prompts!

In this week’s Haiku Dialogue, Zoe and I are very happy to see not just one, but two very young poets aged 10 and under submitting. Haiku is such an effective way of communicating and sharing ideas or emotions, we must try our best to teach it to the younger generation. As haiku poets, we stay in tune with nature and our inner selves. We hold the key to a wondrous world of imagination which in turn keeps us young at heart. Zoe and I hope you enjoy reading another bumper selection of childhood memories and encourage children around you to write and share their haiku.

Zoe’s comments:

I laugh so hard every time I read these three haiku. When I write haiku, I also enjoy sharing funny or awkward moments.

my child relocates
her doll

Adjei Agyei-Baah


world atlas
crossing the seven seas
on the toilet seat

Sébastien Revon


chemistry set
my stinky discoveries
fill the house

Pris Campbell

My brother collects penguin toys and I collect unicorns. These poems made me sad, and it’s hard to imagine having to leave a favourite toy behind or losing it.

the stuffed penguin
we never finished
saying goodbye

Pippa Phillips
United States


hand luggage
having to leave behind
one of the twin dolls

Ingrid Baluchi
North Macedonia


lost Hot Wheel
retracing my steps
in the park

Yasashī Tora
Joplin, MO

Sherry’s comments:

I was a bookworm back in my school days and went as far as reading in showers, which resulted in several mishaps when my books fell into water. I had post-it notes stuck to every wall with quotes and new English vocabulary, and I recall my favourite books were those of poetry and philosophy. I particularly miss rainy days or when I was sick in bed, as those were the happy days when I could read all day, and I’ll always treasure the wonderful company I find only in books while reading in solitude.

. . . all the toys
I never wanted

Firdaus Parvez


Flashlight on
back to Narnia
past bedtime

Rebecca Kolstad
Rochester, NY

Some poems really make me smile. I can feel the frustration of those having to put up with young aspiring musicians while they struggle to play instruments, having brought up four little musicians myself and coached many more. I can also relate to the great comfort a soft toy brings. I love how much we can show without telling in haiku!

drummer boy
even the neighbor’s dog

Ravi Kiran


soft toy turtle
the comfort from
chewing its legs off

Maurice Nevile
Canberra, Australia

Sometimes the simple delights in daily life are all the motivation we need to rise early in the morning. I look forward to the day when our kids become less attached to electronic devices and rediscover these nice little surprises. Modern technology brings us convenience but at the same time takes away our abilities to entertain ourselves or even make up new inventions.

morning rays
I open the new cereal box
and search for the toy

John S Green
Bellingham, Washington USA


crystal radio
sans crystal-clear sounds and yet
DIY magic

James Penha
Bali, Indonesia

and here are the rest of the selections:

honeysuckle breeze
I miss my hugs
from grandma

Tony Williams
Scotland, UK


up in flames
too old mother thought
for stuffed animals

Rehn Kovacic
Mesa, AZ


even to bed
I wear my new jacket—
mid-summer night

Michael Lester
United States


first playmate
trading my Barbie doll
for her jade Buddha

Jackie Chou
United States


son’s imagination brings
home Legoland

Nitu Yumnam


stained and trunkless
an elephant
only i could love

Charles Harper


a long time ago
we picked up stars

Alvin Cruz


my toy from grandma
dede the name of the teddy bear
anywhere with me

Nani Mariani


inside the locker
a tiny driftwood stick
my make-up kit

Curt Linderman


school jacket
pa’s pats
still warm

Subir Ningthouja
Imphal, India


sand roll
firing back to the enemy
with a toy gun

Joevit Prado
Malay, Aklan, Philippines


off-white blankie
grandma’s touch in
each thread

Surashree Joshi
Pune, India


unfinished tree fort with no platform still we climb

Jerome Berglund
Minneapolis, Minnesota


a yellowed album-
fixing me from a picture
a girl with a doll

Mihaela Babusanu


upside down . . .
the champak tree stands bare
without the swing

Kavitha Sreeraj


childhood sweatheart
our sunhade was red
with white dots

Eva Limbach


old radio
singing yesterday
once more

Jeff Leong
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


rain and cold . . .
my little doll sleeping
on my knees

Rosa Maria Di Salvatore
Catania (Italy)


christmas shopping . . .
I buy a doll father

Bipasha Majumder (De)
West Bengal, India


worn as a pendant
my teddy’s small green dog charm
his threadbare neck

Diana Webb


winter and spring
a basket of lost toys

Vladislav Hristov


christmas time bus…
hiding my disney watch
from a naughty boy

Keiko Izawa


attic storage
releasing my childhood

wanda amos
Old Bar, Australia


new kitchen set —
I ask mama to ask
for a cup of tea

Muskaan Ahuja
Chandigarh, India


cowgirl boots
I giddy-up
a hay bale

marilyn ashbaugh
edwardsburg, michigan usa


old horse
out to pasture
rockers peeling in the sun

Mike Fainzilber
Rehovot, Israel


satin jacket
I imagine myself

Jenn Ryan-Jauregui
Tucson, Arizona USA


The hopscotch
Zumba lifestyle

Rashmi Buragohain


a kitten is coming
summer departures

Barbara Gaiardoni
Verona (Italy)


treasure chest;
inside the matchbox
a lizard’s skull

Jonathan Aylett
Liverpool, UK


proudly driving
my new red car home…
atop my pushchair

Tony Harvey
Pwllheli, Wales


Hidden away,
the smallest nesting doll
keeping my secrets

Caroline Ridley-Duff


end of school day
walking home
bike stolen

Tuyet Van Do


my favourite doll
loses half a leg…
teething puppy

Tracy Davidson
Warwickshire, UK


kids bed
a thousand ways
to disappear

Samo Kreutz
Ljubljana, Slovenia


on a knitted doll
grandma’s smell

Zdenka Mlinar


Barbie’s cousin Francie
at first frankly rejected
plays the long game . . .

Helen Buckingham
United Kingdom


fixed smile
on the inflatable seal
my wild youth

John Pappas
United States


fresh roll of caps
jaw set
Lone Ranger mask

Christopher Seep


white toy bunny …
entering the hospital
she ask for company

Deborah Karl-Brandt
Bonn, Germany


like a great artist
coloring the heather with
my purple marker

Guido De Pelsmaeker
België (Holsbeek)


my chemistry set
open on grandma’s table
smell of burnt sulphur

Al Gallia
Louisiana USA


overturned canoe
my lucky hat lost
to the river

Bryan Rickert
Belleville, Illinois USA


after all these years
my old Barbie doll
still naturally blond

Terri French


Piggy Bank —
belly bursts open
with broken bangles

Lakshmi Iyer


spring breeze
with my child among the toys
the urge to fly still there

Stephen A. Peters
Bellingham WA


stuffed dog named Tuffy
big enough to sleep on
a father’s rare gift

Kathleen Cain
Arvada, CO United States


I scare the rooster
to chase my mother

Sharon Ferrante
Daytona Beach, FL USA


old sneakers
children’s dreams
wandering in the dark

Dejan Ivanovic
Lazarevac, Serbia


a pressed flower in my old school book still wafts her scent

Ram Chandran


easy-bake oven
no need for the toy
mama taught me well

Bonnie J Scherer
Alaska, USA


my teddy red rabbit –
at sixty six
I repainted her cloth face

Julia Guzmán
Córdoba Argentina


before surgery
Curious George
by his side

Richard Straw
Cary, North Carolina


birthday wobbles…
little legs pedal
a man’s bike

Marilyn Ward
Lincolnshire UK


to hide his broken neck
Raggedy Andy

Eavonka Ettinger
Long Beach, CA


gray rabbit
you served me well
small comforts

Eleanor Dean
Massachusetts, United States


My dolls house
handed down before I’m gone –
I live there still

Sarah Davies


Christmas morning
the toddler plays
in the trike’s box

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


admiring watch faces
in jeweller’s window
the little girl can’t tell time

Luciana Moretto
Treviso Italy


spinning round and round
my forever young lady
in the music box

Wai Mei Wong


moving day—
snow falls on the garbage bin
full of stuffed animals

Nicholas Klacsanzky
Burien, WA, USA


granny’s hand
in mummy’s sewing
puppet show

Herb Tate


being a pain
but always there
little brother

Robert Kingston
Chelmsford, Essex


In silent attic
Echoes of tiny voices
Haunt dusty dollhouse

Ruth Happel
Tennessee USA


with jewelry box ballerina
. . . she wins

Roberta Beach Jacobson
Indianola, Iowa


at the bottom
of the box of cereal
a bonus trinket

Keitha Keyes
Sydney, Australia


years of neglect
the Charmander with
little stuffing left

M. R. Defibaugh
United States


spring cleaning . . .
still in hibernation
the old teddy bear

Chittaluri Satyanarayana


junk drawer
my whistle whittled
by grandpa’s hands

Susan Farner


a tattered towel-
my Superman

Dan Campbell


with a flaw
like a sailing ship
chalk country flint

Alice Wanderer
Frankston, Victoria, Australia


pelican crossing-
fingers held tight as we launched,
the throng of steel

David Cox
Beijing, China


Hand-me-down clothes in
A brown paper sack from my
Beloved cousin

Jennifer Gurney
United States


grandma tied on my hair
my first Christmas gift

Aine Losauro a.k.a Ligaw Makata
City of Passi, Iloilo Philippines


science class
swooping fast the teacher
a paper plane

Loreta Bande
The Philippines


mum’s impartial love –
a pair of baby booties
in the trunk

Daipayan Nair
Silchar, India


moving day
my old dollhouse
free to good home

Louise Hopewell


my son’s
old teddy bear
I can’t throw away

Margaret Mahony


clockwork mouse
the toy
he adored

Govind Joshi
Dehradun, India


in old age
hugging his childhood

Krishna Palle


Charm bracelet:
the meaning of the French word
for “to remember”

Jenny Shepherd
London, UK


broken cord
that flying kite in the sky
where to ?

Teiichi Suzuki


harmattan deepens . . .
bathing the teddy bear
bathing my feet

Taofeek Ayeyemi
Abeokuta, Nigeria


life lessons …
my jealous dog rips up
the new teddy

Natalia Kuznetsova


cloth doll
sewn by grandma
my first toy

Stoianka Boianova


rooster and dog –
friendly communication
in grandfather’s yard

Minko Tanev


coin box
terracotta holding
my richness

Aparna Pathak
Gurugram, India


her outbursts

Karen Harvey
Pwllheli, Wales


Golliwog left behind
in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong flat;
Colonial griefs

Vivienne Tregenza


the first teddy bear
quarrel of brothers
whose is it

Dubravka Šćukanec


gifts exchange —
the carved animals
of noah’s ark

Christina Chin


rainy day
the flight cancelled
paper kite

Chen Xiaoou
Kunming, China


my child
looking for the QR code
of my old piggy bank

Dan Iulian


a wooden train
holding one service only –
back to my childhood

Zelyko Funda


childhood nightmare
the comfort of
a warm paw

Lori Kiefer
London UK


the book of dreams:
to be D’Artagnan
and save the queen

il libro dei sogni:
esser D’Artagnan
e salvare la regina

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo
The Netherlands


combing the tails of my little ponies a rainbow

pettinando le code dei miei mini pony un arcobaleno

Daniela Misso


empty nest
still the teddy bear
keeps watch

Roberta Beary
USA / Ireland


basketball sun
my labrador triples

Richa Sharma


purple crayon…
turning the evening light
into a story

Laurie Greer
Washington DC


still at war
after the truce
toy soldiers

tetap berperang
sesudah gencatan senjata
tentara mainan

Agus Maulana Sunjaya
Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia


playing cards
clipped to bike spokes
song cycles

Caroline Giles Banks
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


still lives in the attic
my alien friend

Tsanka Shishkova


home relocation
my ragged teddy and I share
a last cuddle under the bed

Padmini krishnan
United Arab Emirates


grandfather’s clay pipe –
unlike my fresh memories
slightly chipped

Paul Callus


the moves
to outwit my opponent
my magnetic chess



backyard swing
finding my lost brother
among the stars

sanjuktaa asopa
Belgaum, India


eleventh Barbie

Jharna Sanyal


in the Cinderella glass slipper
the watch
I never got

Ann Rawson


stirring mam’s magic pudding
with my magic spoon

Ann Smith
United Kingdom


the joy
of cartwheeling amongst
four leaf clovers

Katherine E Winnick
Brighton United Kingdom


made by mother
from a rag and a clothespin–
my favorite doll

Ruth Holzer
Herndon, Virginia


my rag doll
with a big mouth
grandma’s laughter

Meera Rehm
UK / Nepal


yellow tea set
my sister and I learn
to raise our pinkies

Bona M. Santos
Los Angeles, CA


red tricycle
getting everywhere
faster than before

Susan Burch
Hagerstown, MD


summer fun
green furry lumpy stuff
falls from roof

(This is the first haiku I have ever written.)

Millie Mignonne Cox, age 10
Warwickshire, United Kingdom


Belgian cut glass
scent of mom

Bidyut Prabha Gantayat
Bhubaneswar, INDIA


cheek to fur
pink chocolate
sweet dreams melt

Bittor Duce Zubillaga
Basque Country


a real baby sister
for my eight birthday

Hla Yin Mon
Yangon, Myanmar


dreams …
the first secret diary
under the pillow

Maria Teresa Piras
Serrenti – Italy


songs without words. . .
learning to nurture
a poetic soul

Alfred Booth
Lyon, France


a slalom
of farmyard animals
the diecast 240Z



learning to ride
my shiny new bicycle
pesky hedgerow

Richard Bailly
Fargo, North Dakota, USA


for the popcorned tree —
not our christmas

Jonathan Epstein


late for school –
the new kitten is sleeping
in my lap

Marianne Sahlin


snapdragon snap
sends me back
fifty-five years

Alan Harvey
Tacoma, WA


baking soda submarine–
surfacing in the sink
unnoticed by the toothbrushes

Allison Douglas-Tourner
Victoria, BC Canada


toe shoes
spinning her dreams
into pink

Barrie Levine
Massachusetts, USA


childhood Easter
a stuffed bunny with legs
as tall as me

Cynthia Anderson
Yucca Valley, California


first biscuits –
for my ninth birthday
a cookbook

Maria Tosti
Perugia, Italy


little woman….
in mom’s heels
in front of the mirror

piccola donna….
con i tacchi di mamma
davanti allo specchio

Giuliana Ravaglia
Bologna (Italy)


laundry day
child’s pockets full
of acorns

AJ Wentz
United States


grandma’s hug
anywhere I go
old sweater

Pelukan nenek
Kemanapun kupergi
Sweater tua

Christopher Calvin
Kota Mojokerto, Indonesia


from steel to clay to plastic . . .
growing up
on roller skates

Julie Bloss Kelsey
Germantown, Maryland, USA


throwing rice
on the empty church steps –
playing wedding day

Colette Kern
Southold NY, US


that thumb sucking
chimpanzee called Jojo—
pillow companion

Rupa Anand
New Delhi, India


long after bedtime
our secret talks
on string telephone

Vandana Parashar


cold winter night
three cats under the covers
with me

Tom Clausen
United States


bunny boo
tattered and torn
turns 40 today

Jan Stretch
Victoria Canada


cheap, first guitar
a present from dad
who doesn’t play

AJ. Anwar
Jakarta, Indonesia


sunshine days
I find a golden lace
for my doll’s dress

Minal Sarosh
Ahmedabad, India


demolition –
the stuffed rabbit

Adrian Bouter
The Netherlands


old Barbie doll
the clothes my mother sewed her
still more beautiful

Lorraine Schein
Queens, NYC


monsters hunt
under the covers
a flashlight

Mariel Herbert
California, USA


One eyed fluffy bear-
The perfect piggy bank
Of all my secrets.

Santhoshi Valli


worn out Major Tom
somehow rescued from the bin
doll’s day in Japan

David McMurray


handsewn doll
the secrets she kept
all these years

Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo
Bombon, Philippines


first day—
I discover
a 65th color

petro c. k.
Seattle, Washington


class photo—
still eyeing the red watch
on some other kid

Sankara Jayanth Sudanagunta
Hyderabad, India


shy child-
confessing all my feelings
to Barbie mirror

Priti Khullar
Noida, India


Mr. Wiggles listened always,
absorbed my tears, danced with my joys

Joan Leotta
North Carolina, USA


bitter winter
hugging my beggar bear
to keep it warm

Neena Singh


my new cowboy gun
for a sixpenny glider

Keith Evetts
Thames Ditton UK


my best friend
my bike called Tiger
I don’t remember why

Mark Gilbert


Christmas gift
with new clothes
my old doll

Mirela Brailean


scrap book
the penciled sketches
of pre television days

Madhuri Pillai


Leo coffee mug
the lingering taste
of friendship

Daya Bhat


crumpled scribbles
mom asks if a tornado
hit my bedroom

Andrew Markowski
San Antonio, TX


Golden Sun
woke me up daily
for my homework

Sudha Devi Nayak


Christmas tradition
retelling the story of
my first hockey stick

Mark Scott
Hardwick, VT


the rusty wheels
of an old tricycle

Slobodan Pupovac
Zagreb, Croatia


coconut shell spoon
the rice gruel
that quenched our hunger

R. Suresh babu


garage cleaning
He-Man’s plastic muscles
tan against my palm

Alex Fyffe
Houston, TX


finger puppets–
my toys become bigger
with age

mona bedi


side walk –
the unforgettable races
with plastic cars

Jorge Alberto Giallorenzi
Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Argentina


first period
the unexpected gift
of a unicorn

Sarah E. Metzler


one woman show—
I perform swan lake
in fuzzy felts

Adele Evershed
Wilton, Connecticut


anytime hugs
a large stuffed pink pig
on my bed

Claire Vogel Camargo
United States


frosty the snowman
childhood dreams come to life
in my 30s

United Kingdom


bigger on the inside Matchbox cars

Tim Cremin


rainbow crayons
tracing mom’s
swirly signature

Kath Abela Wilson
Pasadena, California, USA


black fishtail gown
Barbie and me
dress for the party

Susan Beth Furst
United States


at first sight
red scooter

Reid Hepworth
Sidney, British Columbia


old rag doll
my Nana made for me
out of a spare sock

Margie Gustafson
Lombard, IL USA


dad’s broken guitar
and him

Devoshruti Mandal
Varanasi, India


On my bed pillow –
the one-eyed plush lion –
I cover my eye

Małgorzata Borzeszkowska


launched into space
for 10,000 missions
my own basketball

Mike Stinson
Nebraska USA


a piece of sky
lying on the grass…
my first found object

Ella Aboutboul
West Sussex, UK


listen now
my shoebox buried bird
still sings

Alan Peat
Biddulph, United Kingdom


the pen dances across the page
in my young hands

Herb Goldsmith
Bastrop TX


broomstick cowgirls giddy up

Ann Sullivan
Massachusetts, USA


rainy morning . . .
paper dolls
sharing outfits

Kathleen Trocmet
Texas, USA


flying so high
on the squeaky swing
my budding wings

Annie Wilson
Shropshire, UK


In my brothers hands
Tiny pink plastic pony
Mine no more. Broken

Jacqueline wagner
Montgomery, IL, United States


mother’s cascet
along with the jewels
my baby teeth

Bakhtiyar Amini


stacking memory
over memory
seven stones

Sangita Kalarickal
United States


my oldest secrets
blue bear toy

Tomislav Sjekloća
Cetinje, Montenegro


the doll house
she imagines
a different family

Kerry J Heckman
Seattle, WA


walking down the stairs
faster than me

Margaret Tau
New Bern, NC


once upon a time-
too many panties were sacrificed
to win a slingshot war

Franjo Ordanić


Chickee and Bumpie
a stuffed animal befriends
the throw pillow

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Fairlawn, Ohio USA


bag gnawed by a dormouse –
my baby’s soother

Luisa Santoro
Rome, Italy


coloured pencils
all those sunny flowers
grown on paper

Mona Iordan


Dora vignette
made with candy wrappers
red and yellow leaves

Lakshman Bulusu
Princeton, NJ, USA


emergency room ….
my doll too
she has her arm in a sling

pronto soccorso ….
anche la mia bambola
ha il braccio fasciato

Angiola Inglese


at the building site
slats, stone and screw
for a new sword

na gradilištu
letvica, kamen i vijak
za novi mač

Zrinko Šimunić


dangling teddy bear
in the arcade claw machine
moon before Yule

Sari Grandstaff
Saugerties, NY, USA


outstretched hand
of a homeless man…
I gave him my butterfly

Mircea Moldovan


that red firetruck
I was the siren
my five alarm boyhood

ron scully
Burien WA


sharing the pillow
my watchful wolf
scares my fears

Cristina Povero


summer afternoon
all the kids love me
for my sandbox

Lev Hart
Calgary, Canada


all that stand between
me and the stars

Elizabeth Shack
Illinois, USA


Belle with twelve hair bows
one for each time
we moved

C.F. Tash
Washington, DC, USA


toy sailboat
the secret paths through
deep bath bubbles

Richard L. Matta
San Diego, California, USA


the gift
a toy pistol
in my sister’s crib

Anette Chaney
Harrison, Arkansas


grandfather’s house –
echoes of brothers’ laughing
amid dusty toys

Milan Rajkumar
Imphal, India


Christmas party…
choosing the gift
of a stuffed monkey

Nancy Brady
Huron, Ohio


snowflakes –
i jump into
the ball pool

Nairithi Konduru, age 7


playing for keeps
all my marbles

Sharon Martina
Warrenville, IL


morning walks—
grandma and grandpa’s
hands hold mine

Stephen J. DeGuire
Los Angeles, CA


and now grandchildren
herding my plastic ponies

Sheila Sondik
Bellingham, WA USA


passing clouds
the journey to unknown lands
on my bicycle

Amoolya Kamalnath


tiny works of art
my grandmother’s tatting
in my treasure chest

Sigrid Saradunn
Bar Harbor, Maine, USA


Guest Editor Sherry Grant is a Taiwanese-born New Zealand classical concert pianist, cellist, poet, author, translator and festival organiser. Since 2021 she and her youngest daughter Zoe have been promoting short form poetry by co-editing several journals, presenting at haiku conferences and organising poetry workshops. As a musician, Sherry plays online concerts regularly and in her recent North American concert tour she also shared her poems during recitals. Sherry is a well published haiku/cherita/rengay poet. Her rengay written with Alan Peat (UK) won the first prize at the 2021 Otoroshi Rengay Contest. Sherry also enjoys writing longer rhymed poems and plans to publish several poetry books and chapbooks in the near future, including 300 love poems written for her favourite composer Alexander Scriabin, in 3 volumes.
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Guest Editor Zoe Grant, a well-published 8-year-old haiku poet from New Zealand, is the co-author and illustrator of Bat Girl, written in 2020 when she was 6 years old. Her haiku won the first prize at the 2021 NZPS International Haiku Competition (School/Junior) and she is the co-editor of Chalk on the Walk Haiku, Chalk on the Walk Monoku, Haiku Zoo Journal and Raining Rengay. Zoe enjoys drawing, singing, ballet and writing poetry. She co-hosts the International Rengay Gatherings with her mother Sherry Grant twice a year. This daughter-mother duo plans to go on concert tours to share their poetry and music with the world. Zoe shared 250 short form poems by 250 poets at the 3-day online International Scriabin 150 Festival in November 2022. She plans to do poetry podcasts in the near future. Follow Zoe’s projects at

Lori Zajkowski is the Post Manager for Haiku Dialogue. A novice haiku poet, she lives in New York City.

Managing Editor Katherine Munro lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, and publishes under the name kjmunro. She is Membership Secretary for Haiku Canada, and her debut poetry collection is contractions (Red Moon Press, 2019). Find her at:

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  1. Thank you Sherry & Zoe for such joyful prompts and to all the heartwarming sharing of childhood memories.
    Kudos to all the poets for another set of
    wonderful poetry.
    Shout outs also goes to Kathy, Lori & THF for making HD possible.
    Happy holidays to everyone!

  2. Many thanks to Sherry and Zoe for their wonderful positive personalities, and delightful commentary. Thanks for liking my poem.

    Here are a few that caught my heart.

    outstretched hand
    of a homeless man…
    I gave him my butterfly

    Mircea Moldovan
    This was deeply touching. I imagine Mireca may have done this as a young child—such innocence.

    my oldest secrets
    blue bear toy

    Tomislav Sjekloća
    Cetinje, Montenegro
    Mr. Wiggles listened always,
    absorbed my tears, danced with my joys

    Joan Leotta
    North Carolina, USA
    Two more that were heartfelt for me. Both quite moving as to how close a child can become to a stuffy.

    late for school –
    the new kitten is sleeping
    in my lap

    Marianne Sahlin

    I just shared this one with my wife. She loves cats and Sweden!

    1. Thank you for mentioning my haiku, John! Yes, cats are adorable, and my cat never outgrew the habit of deciding when it was naptime in my lap. My best wishes to you and your wife!

  3. Congratulations to all the poets especially the kids. I’m impressed by their haiku and I hope this is just the start of a long ‘career’ as a haiku poets.

    Lovely memories and so many haiku to appreciate. Paper dolls, cards in spokes, special dolls and stuffed animals are just a few that caught my attention with my first read-thru. Susan Furst’s Barbie doll wearing the Solo in the Spotlight black gown reminded me of the Barbie board game we (the neighborhood girls) played every summer. That was one of the dresses available to wear to the prom to win the game.

    Thanks Zoe and Sherry for selecting one of my haiku for inclusion. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  4. Thank you Sherry and Zoe wonderful memories delighted to be included. Very Happy Christmas!

  5. Thank you for including mine among this wonderfully entertaining selection of cuddly toys, dolls and other memories. My favourite was Robert Kingston’s

    being a pain
    but always there
    little brother

  6. Hi, thank you for including my poem in your haiku dialogue. It’s fun reading all the entries submitted in your competition. I have a lot of childhood memories as I grow up in the village with an organic environment together with my siblings and friends. But then an item to remind me of my childhood is something I am fascinated to… So I wrote my first Christmas gift that I received from my grandma – a ponytail. Again thank you so much.

  7. Thanks much, Zoe and Sherry for including my haiku in this special item from childhood selection. A fabulous collection from around the globe.

  8. Thank you so much, Sherry and Zoe. For the gift of publishing my haiku and so many others. Merry Christmas!

  9. What a splendid trip down memory lane and such an abundance of offers.
    Thank you Sherry and Zoe for including mine.

    This one took me on a separate trip

    garage cleaning
    He-Man’s plastic muscles
    tan against my palm

    Alex Fyffe
    Houston, TX

    1. Thank you, Robert and Mark, for your comments about my poem. Multiple times in my life I’ve dug up the figurines of my youth. The next time we move, I’m sure I’ll see them again.

  10. Thank you Sherry for including my haiku! This is such a bright spot. I love Zoe’s haiku. So many wonderful haiku to savor here. I really appreciate Jenn Ryan-Jauregui’s haiku. The feeling really comes through. Haiku in the eyes of a child really brings me into beginner’s mind, not always easy to access. So thank you.

    1. Sari, thank you for your kind words about my haiku, and thanks again to Sherry and Zoe for including mine among such stellar work. I’m truly enjoying these childhood themes.

  11. Many thanks for including my piece, especially to the brilliant Zoe. I was waving a stick in front of my face every morning before class hoping to magically turn into Laurie Partridge when I was her age…

    inside the locker
    a tiny driftwood stick
    my make-up kit

    So many wonderful selections from folks all over the globe! From farts to tree forts and toy cars all the way to crystal radios, crayon colors, and chemistry sets. Not the mention the dramatic mentions of beloved dogs and dolls. Love them all.

    Season’s Greetings and my Peace to you all!

  12. Thank you for publishing my first-ever haiku. I am very pleased. I enjoyed reading some of the other haiku too.

    1. I think your poem is splendid, Millie. There should be more haiku written with ‘summer fun’ as the first line, it really sets the tone for an upbeat scene. Hope to come across many more of your haiku ‘offerings’, Millie. Happy Haiku Writing!

  13. Thank you so much, Zoe and Sherry for bringing us this wide world of special items. It is fascinating, across continents, how similarly we cherish the same things. A wonderful reminder during this holiday season.

    All my best wishes for all those who celebrate!

  14. childhood Easter
    a stuffed bunny with legs
    as tall as me
    Cynthia Anderson
    Yucca Valley, California
    Chickee and Bumpie
    a stuffed animal befriends
    the throw pillow
    Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
    Fairlawn, Ohio USA
    Stuffed animals were written about in several of the haiku that were selected this week. I too wrote about a stuffed animal. Cynthia’s haiku caught my eye because Chickee from my haiku was an Easter gift I received as a child.

  15. Zoe and Sherry, thank-you both for selecting my haiku this week and for all your efforts. Thank-you to all the poets who submitted. Thank-you to Kathy, Lori, and the Haiku Foundation.

  16. Wow, such a wonderful turn out I admire you and Zoe being able to go through them all… so many great treasures !!

  17. What a fun nostalgic collection! These especially stood out for me. The matched pair of giddy-up poems bring back all my imaginary horsies. So many afternoons spent dressing my paper dolls, trying not to tear a dress — or worse yet! — an arm! And finally the pure joy of that squeaky swing with my feet reaching for the sun. Thanks everyone for the memories.

    cowgirl boots
    I giddy-up
    a hay bale

    marilyn ashbaugh
    broomstick cowgirls giddy up

    Ann Sullivan

    rainy morning . . .
    paper dolls
    sharing outfits

    Kathleen Trocmet
    flying so high
    on the squeaky swing
    my budding wings

    Annie Wilson

  18. Such a sunny personality, Zoe, I’m sorry my poem made you sad, but thank you for picking it out. There were some other sad ones in this bumper crop of childhood memories, but a pleasure to relive the joy, and simplicity, of so many gifts that made our small lives such fun. . . fuzzy felts, finger puppets, paper dolls, cereal box trinkets, jackstones, and rag dolls among others.

    A time of make believe, too:

    yellow tea set
    my sister and I learn
    to raise our pinkies

    Bona M. Santos
    Los Angeles, CA

    cowgirl boots
    I giddy-up
    a hay bale

    marilyn ashbaugh
    edwardsburg, michigan, usa

    and innovation:

    playing cards
    clipped to bike spokes
    song cycles

    Caroline Giles Banks
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Thanks for all the hard work, Zoe and Sherry, and the HF team, and the smile, intrigue and great memories all these poets bring us each Wednesday.

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