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Haiku Comics of The Hamilton Bay — “riches”

Welcome to Haiku Comics of Hamilton Bay. Every couple weeks Monica Plant will share her special watercolor haiga, inspired by her favored Canadian landscape and terrain.

Monica Plant is a Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)-based artist, writer, and naturalist. She is also a self-described contemplative who “moves at a slow enough pace to see and hear things.” Introduced to haiku comics through Seattle-based comics artist David Lasky, she began publishing Haiku Comics of the Hamilton Bay, which shares her love of pause, place, drawing, writing, and the urban wild; the comics featured on The Haiku Foundation site stem from this series.

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  1. Nice to read you again, Nancy. And thank you for your encouraging comments!

    The moment that I depict in this comic happened a couple of summers ago; people were rushing around me, not even noticing, while I was still and heart-stopped at the sight of this heron @ 15 or so feet from me. (Usually, they don’t let me get closer than @ 40 to 60 feet!)

    Have you had any similar such encounter in nature?

    1. Hi, Monica,

      I am an amateur photographer, and often find myself attracted to and photographing tree trunks. Much the same as your haiku here…I find people often overlook the beauty that is right in front of them to look up and around instead! I really liked this one; thank you for sharing it!


      1. Evan,
        Nice to hear from you again, and thank you for your comments and for sharing. I’m curious: what draws you specifically to tree trunks? Is it the bark? The length or breadth? How it contributes to the overall shape? Is it trunks of felled trees that you’re especially drawn to? Or none of the above? I felt like with this heron haiku, I could have written another one capturing all the racing movement of people around the spectacular still point of the heron.

  2. Just love this artwork matched to vivid haiku words. Spectacular. Thank you.

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