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Haiku Comics of The Hamilton Bay — “nesting season”

Welcome to Haiku Comics of Hamilton Bay. Every couple weeks Monica Plant will share her special watercolor haiga, inspired by her favored Canadian landscape and terrain.

Monica Plant is a Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)-based artist, writer, and naturalist. She is also a self-described contemplative who “moves at a slow enough pace to see and hear things.” Introduced to haiku comics through Seattle-based comics artist David Lasky, she began publishing Haiku Comics of the Hamilton Bay, which shares her love of pause, place, drawing, writing, and the urban wild; the comics featured on The Haiku Foundation site stem from this series.

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  1. urban sunset
    the parting honk of geese
    above the traffic jam

    (based on one of my many rejects)

  2. Evan, Welcome back, and thank you for thinking to add a layer! Here’s another layer that I (playfully) thought to add to yours (replacing your last line): Fattened honking geese, debating territory — honk if you agree! 🙂 (Don’t know if the geese would approve.)

  3. Hi, Monica,
    I wanted to take a try at adding a verbal layer to your haiga…

    Fattened honking geese
    debating territory–
    Goose, gander alike

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