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Haiku Comics of The Hamilton Bay — “In Memoriam”

Welcome to Haiku Comics of Hamilton Bay. Every month Monica Plant will share her special watercolor haiga, inspired by her favored Canadian landscape and terrain.

Monica Plant is a Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)-based artist, writer, and naturalist. She is also a self-described contemplative who “moves at a slow enough pace to see and hear things.” Introduced to haiku comics through Seattle-based comics artist David Lasky, she began publishing Haiku Comics of the Hamilton Bay, which shares her love of pause, place, drawing, writing, and the urban wild; the comics featured on The Haiku Foundation site stem from this series.

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  1. Hi, Monica,

    Great to hear the news of your chapbook! That’s an adventure I hope to embark on someday myself. I keep working at my haiku, and find it an increasingly important part of my life. Your current piece made me think of the following:

    reaching up
    to touch the evening sky

    Al the best,


  2. Evan,
    Thank you sincerely for your warm and enthusiastic welcome back! It’s great to read you again. I’ve missed the exchanges from these pages. I was grateful to have a summer off production, and since then have been focused on producing a chapbook of my haiku comics — a definite learning experience! I look forward to reading you and to see where your haiku have been taking you.

    1. Nancy,
      Thank you for your welcome back! and for visiting again and commenting. It’s nice to read you again.

      The tree represented in this haiku comic was still standing when I painted it a few years ago; this past year, it suddenly, shockingly, and sadly disappeared. Incredible to see no vestige of it in my neighbour’s yard, even by way of a stump.

      This said, I was grateful to have this record of it — a towering sentinel tree that gracefully greeted people at the head of a gulley trail leading down to the bay.

      I look forward to hearing whether you’ve begun taking your haiku thoughts on any “drawing walks.” Trusting you’re keeping well, and haiku-ing on!

  3. Hi, Monica,

    Good to see you back on these pages! I very much look forward both to your haiku and your illustrations!


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