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Haiku Comics of The Hamilton Bay — “flares”

Welcome to Haiku Comics of Hamilton Bay. Every couple weeks Monica Plant will share her special watercolor haiga, inspired by her favored Canadian landscape and terrain.

Monica Plant is a Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)-based artist, writer, and naturalist. She is also a self-described contemplative who “moves at a slow enough pace to see and hear things.” Introduced to haiku comics through Seattle-based comics artist David Lasky, she began publishing Haiku Comics of the Hamilton Bay, which shares her love of pause, place, drawing, writing, and the urban wild; the comics featured on The Haiku Foundation site stem from this series.

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      1. Keith,
        Thank you so much!
        I appreciate the wider consideration of sounds — including consonance, assonance, and alliteration — in the post that you shared. Congratulations on your own contribution too!
        I love how evocative sound can be, and how haiku can deceptively contain so much (as if we didn’t know this already!) incorporating these devices.

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