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Haiku Comics of The Hamilton Bay — “company”

Welcome to Haiku Comics of Hamilton Bay. Every couple weeks Monica Plant will share her special watercolor haiga, inspired by her favored Canadian landscape and terrain.

Monica Plant is a Hamilton (Ontario, Canada)-based artist, writer, and naturalist. She is also a self-described contemplative who “moves at a slow enough pace to see and hear things.” Introduced to haiku comics through Seattle-based comics artist David Lasky, she began publishing Haiku Comics of the Hamilton Bay, which shares her love of pause, place, drawing, writing, and the urban wild; the comics featured on The Haiku Foundation site stem from this series.

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  1. Monica, it’s nice to e-meet you too! I know exactly how this picture feels and smells! You had asked if I knew that Hamilton had an urban wild, I certainly do! I was born and raised there, and the sight of Cootes Paradise coming into the city always feels like home.


  2. Monica, your watercolour captures the beauty of the shoreline – I can feel the water, hear the waves, and smell the beach!! Winter cold water dipping with friends is an experience!

    1. Margot,

      I’m so happy that you visited this page! Thank you for your affirming comments and your bright presence. Honoured reader, Margot is one of the people whose graceful back I tried to capture in this comic and who cold-water dips with me!

    1. Nancy, Thank you for keeping coming back to these pages, and for your continuing enthusiasm and support. They mean a lot!

    1. Barbara Anna, Thank you for your return visits to these pages. I’m honoured! And I appreciate your comments.

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