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Gallery of Cover Art

This new gallery at The Haiku Foundation honors Cover Art.

Book of the Week, edited by Jim Kacian, inspired my idea. As I reread The Cottage of Wild Plum, by Robert Spiess, with paintings by John R. Reynolds, I remembered the Modern Haiku covers by John R. Reynolds from past years. The cover for Modern Haiku (Fall 2001, Volume 32.3) is one example. Then I thought a gallery, or collage of covers, would be a beautiful way to honor this art form.

The 12 covers in this first gallery are from 1981 – 2016, and are a selection from books and journals, from my reading over the years. I am grateful to all for permission to reprint the covers in a new way, at The Haiku Foundation.

We hope many are inspired to create their galleries, and that over time, our cover art collages will become a unique work of art at The Haiku Foundation, and share the growing story of English-language haiku in another way.

Thank you to Dave Russo, THF Web Administrator, for his work to publish the first gallery of Cover Art.

Ellen Grace Olinger

barbwire holds its ground

barbwire holds its ground, Kansas Haiku by Randy Brooks
High/Coo Chapbook # 9
Brooks Books Haiku


SMOKETREE by Margarita Engle
HIGH/COO Mini-chapbook # 19
Brooks Books Haiku

Presents of Mind

Presents of Mind, Haiku and Illustrations by Jim Kacian
Translation into Japanese by the Kon Nichi Haiku Circle
Kumamoto University
1996, 2006
Red Moon Press

Family Farm

Family Farm, Haiku for a Place of Moons by Carol Purington
Illustrations by Shirley L. Horn
1999, second printing 2015
Winfred Press
Carol’s poetry page at Woodslawn Farm

Walden’s Reflections

“Walden’s Reflections” photograph by Carmen Sterba
Walden Pond, Concord, MA, June 21, 2004
Modern Haiku, Volume 36.2 Summer 2005
Cover Art

Note: The image for this collage was created to display the title of the journal with the photograph.

Montage: The Book

Montage: The Book
Created and Edited by Allan Burns
Artwork by Ron Moss
Cover painting: Ron Moss, Joy
23” x 30”, watercolor
Book Design by Red Moon Press
The Haiku Foundation 2010, 2012

Striking Roots

“Striking Roots” by Lidia Rozmus
oil on canvas with stones, 24” x 36”
Modern Haiku, Volume 43.1 2012
Cover Art

Note: The image for this collage was created to display the title of the journal with the painting.


burl, haiku by Mark Harris
cover painting: Mark Harris
design by Jim Kacian
Red Moon Press

Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years

Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years
Edited by Jim Kacian, Philip Rowland, Allan Burns
J acket Art And Design By John Jung Kim
2013, 2016
Book page at Norton

The photograph of the book cover in the gallery is by John Jung Kim : Designer:

Frogpond 37:3

frogpond 37: 3
Cover Art and Design by Christopher Patchel
Haiku Society of America
Autumn 2014

Learning to See the Truth

Learning To See The Truth
a North Carolina Haiku Society Anthology
edited by Lenard D. Moore and Dave Russo
art by Diane Katz
Book page at Rosenberry Books


The photograph of the book cover in the gallery is by Dave Russo.

Mayfly Issue 59

Mayfly Issue 59
Cover haiga painting by Lidia Rozmus
Cover haiku by Julie Warther:
“sunrise.../learning again to color/outside the lines”

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  1. First-time visit
    to this site.
    Such a visual
    and mental delight.
    Book illustration/
    cover art – always
    a soft place in my heart.

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