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Gallery of Cover Art

This new gallery at The Haiku Foundation honors Cover Art.

Book of the Week, edited by Jim Kacian, inspired my idea. As I reread The Cottage of Wild Plum, by Robert Spiess, with paintings by John R. Reynolds, I remembered the Modern Haiku covers by John R. Reynolds from past years. The cover for Modern Haiku (Fall 2001, Volume 32.3) is one example. Then I thought a gallery, or collage of covers, would be a beautiful way to honor this art form.

The 12 covers in this first gallery are from 1981 – 2016, and are a selection from books and journals, from my reading over the years. I am grateful to all for permission to reprint the covers in a new way, at The Haiku Foundation.

We hope many are inspired to create their galleries, and that over time, our cover art collages will become a unique work of art at The Haiku Foundation, and share the growing story of English-language haiku in another way.

Thank you to Dave Russo, THF Web Administrator, for his work to publish the first gallery of Cover Art.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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  1. First-time visit
    to this site.
    Such a visual
    and mental delight.
    Book illustration/
    cover art – always
    a soft place in my heart.

  2. Such engaging covers. Truly a gallery of art. Thank you so much for this visual treat.


  3. Stunning! Thank you for an awesome creation that warms this book lover’s heart. –Billie

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