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Ekphrasis: Between Image and Word

Started by AlanSummers, October 07, 2017, 02:59:11 PM

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We are pleased to announce the publication of Ekphrasis: Between Image and Word by Maria Pierides and Stella Pierides.
Fruit Dove Press

Ekphrasis: Between Image and Word
presents 24 new paintings by Maria Pierides – and a response to each of these paintings in haiku by Stella Pierides.

From the back cover:

Stay awhile, travel the paintings, hear the echoes in between, and tell your own story too.
Alan Summers
President, United Haiku and Tanka Society and co-founder, Call of the Page

I highly recommend this book. Take time to look carefully at the paintings whilst letting the words float in your consciousness.
Robert Lamoon, Visual Storyteller and Curator

From Welsh Country Magazine:
Maria Pierides' work is inspired by her surrounding landscape, cultural identity, history, myth, time – and poetry. Maria's visual abstractions are the outcome of conversations with the artist's being in a particular place at a given time, shortcuts of her lived experience in colour, in texture, in paint. The collaboration with Stella Pierides, who responds to the paintings with haiku, adds layers of meaning that expand in ever widening circles and offer new and unexpected inroads to the paintings. Between image and word; between substance, imagination, and reflection; and between the past and the present, a world resonates, inviting us to engage with the whole of our being.

For copies please email
or fill out the Contact form below

UK: £18.00, incl. P&P
Europe: €20.00, incl. P&P
USA: $24.00, inl. P&P

Fruit Dove Press

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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