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Anthology request

Started by AlanSummers, March 10, 2016, 10:23:36 AM

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Poetic Prism 2016 - Multilingual Anthology of Poetry – Request for valuable contribution of your poem

Dear Poets from India and All Over the World,

Very happy to share with you all that The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada (CCV) is planning to publish a Multilingual Anthology of Poetry titled 'Poetic Prism 2016'.

Many of you would recall your pleasant and memorable association with our 'Poetic Prism 2015'
In this connection, we request poets in various languages and genres to mail in their unpublished poem/s strictly adhering to the following submission guidelines:

1. Only one unpublished poem in each language, not exceeding 24 lines in single line spacing with a space between each stanza, on a Word Doc is acceptable. The poem may also be pasted on the body of the mail itself along with Poet's details as per 3 a), b) and c) herebelow, instead of a Word doc. Please note that PDF versions are not acceptable

2. Poems may be on any theme. However, politically controversial, erotica, hateful, bigoted as also poems that may hurt religious sentiments, are not acceptable. All in all, your poem should evoke positive feelings like joy, empathy, love, laughter, concern, compassion, patriotism, admiration, awe, pathos, etc.

3. The Poet is requested to please provide in English the following details below the poem:
a) 3-lines on the theme of the poem below the poem
b) 5-lines on the poet's bio/profile below a)
c) Poet's contact details viz. Phone no. mail id and postal address below b)
d) Poet's High Resolution passport size photograph in JPG version as a separate attachment to the mail (pic not to be pasted on the Word doc please)

4. The details in 3 a), b) and c) above are required in English as 'Poetic Prism 2016' is a Multilingual Anthology and we wish the theme of the poem and the details of the poets in a common language to reach all, fostering greater understanding amongst poets and readers of different languages)

5. Multilingual poets may, if they wish, submit their poem in one language and its translation in other languages. Kindly note that the translation/s in different languages will be deemed as a poem submission in the relevant language and no other poems can be submitted again in the same language. Alternately, they may submit a different poem in each language (i.e. it need not necessarily be a translation of the poem submitted in another language).

6. In case of multiple submissions, details as per 3 a), b) and c) above should appear below each of the poems.

7. Your poem/s (only one in each language) may please be mailed to to reach us latest by 30 June, 2016.

8. Only poems strictly complying with the above submission guidelines will be considered for publication.

9. Plans are afoot for holding the second edition of our One-day Multilingual Poets' Meet also titled 'Poetic Prism 2016' at Vijayawada, sometime in November, 2016, details of which will be shared once they are finalized. We plan to unveil the Anthology at this event.

We eagerly look forward to receiving your poem/s ASAP for our 'Poetic Prism 2016'.

Poetically yours
Padmaja Iyengar – Paddy
Hon. Lit. Advisor
The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada

Mail :

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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