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Our Gene is Dead

Started by AlanSummers, October 09, 2015, 11:32:33 PM

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Please leave comments and your favourite haiku of his.

Gene died today.

Just Google Gene Murtha haiku tanka if you haven't come across his work before.

warm regards,




Selected Poems 2001-2013
by Gene Murtha

an iris
trapped in a vase
like love
there are things
we never wanted

an empty beer can
taps the dock

brushing off sand
I walk what's left of
the pine dunes
my time here passes by
like the birds overhead

burnt field . . .
i search the clouds
for a friend

for. Bill (William J. Higginson)

Bill died of cancer too.

We should all donate, even a few dollars, to a cancer charity.

God bless you man,

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page


SB Wright is a poet, reviewer and podcast producer.  He posts on Mastodon as

Seaview (Marion Clarke)

caught in a dew drop --
the empty swing

The Heron's Nest, vol. V:2
Memorial Day, 2005

last day of school
a stick drags across
the picket fence

moonlight walk
again she asks me
her first name

Under the Basho 2013

an iris
trapped in a vase
like love
there are things
we never wanted

Biding Time: Selected Poems 2001-2013

people change
like the color of
a bunting
I feel at peace
when I'm alone

Rusty Tea Kettle 1:1

I sold everything
except my navajo cross
so precious
this god I hold dear
the same god I gave up

Ribbons 6:1

first warm day
a wheat penny lands
heads up

WHC Treetops, November 2002

summer haze--
a crow flaps free
of the asphalt

Frogpond, vol. XXVII:1, 2004

gale wind
a laughing gull
on one foot

seagull haiku, August 1, 2006


Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page



The Living Haiku Anthology Living Legacies

H. Gene Murtha
(19 October 1955 – 9 October 2015)

Alan Summers,
founder, Call of the Page

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