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"Ink Zero" by Richard Gilbert and Don Baird

Started by Don Baird, June 11, 2015, 05:11:54 PM

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Don Baird

After a tremendous amount of hard work, creative passions, commiserating, and live readings, Richard and I have completed "Ink Zero," a book of a wide variety of haiku for the broad-palate reader. "Ink Zero" will show up in the data-bases of Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc. in the next few weeks. A reading will be scheduled soon -- so watch for the news!

While Dr. Richard Gilbert is one of the leading and most widely published haiku theorists/scholars/translators, "Ink Zero" is the first book to present his personal haiku as a collection. It has been quite a journey and treat to work with him in developing this book! We are both passionate, to say the least, and the creative fire between us is synergistic -- often profound. Our haiku weave in and out of each other, guiding the reader on a journey of the micro and macro of what is and what isn't --- and nudging "what-could-be." The final chapter is a kind of haiku slam where one haiku is presented and another placed as a response. Sometimes profound, occasionally humorous, and other times almost non-sensical the subtle linking of the poems is fresh, interesting ... and, frankly, fun!

This has been a very exciting adventure culminating from almost two years of development which includes several live performances -- Richard and I reading our haiku together, accompanied by music and a photo slide-show. Hopefully, Richard will be able to visit again soon (possibly early fall) in order for us to do an "Ink Zero" reading together. In the meantime, we are not hesitating to "get the book out there." We are excited about it and hope folks of all levels of haiku interest will enjoy it for years to come.

Peace and Blessings,

to see the cover(s), click the following link to FB
I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
of winter

Jennifer Sutherland

Congratulations Don,
I look forward to reading it  :)

Best wishes to you ,

Jen Sutherland

Don Baird

Dr. Richard Gilbert's and Grandmaster Don Baird's book "Ink Zero" is now available at For info and ordering click here:


For those of you in California, there will be a reading/signing coming up shortly to present the book. I will have copies there. For those of you around the country and globe, order from Amazon and let us know how you like it. We look forward to your readings and reactions! Enjoy!

From sumi-e ink paintings to a "Bamboo Slam," the book weaves the reader down an interesting path of haiku that often retain the DNA of an older era while at the same time, pushing the normative boundaries beyond a reader's wildest dream! While the book came together quickly (as a book form), it is the culmination of over a year's worth of combined efforts and work by Richard and Don -- including live performances of many of the haiku within its covers.
I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
of winter

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