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Under the Basho, Second Issue, 2014

Started by Don Baird, December 04, 2014, 08:37:06 AM

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Don Baird

Under the Basho - 2014, is now published!

After a year of growing poet by poet, haiku by haiku, the journal has completed its path.
Drop by and spend some time with us!

Click on the Current Issue, 2014 in the middle of the home page. Also, for your convenience and quick reference, you can revisit and browse easily by clicking on Current Issue by the drop down menu at the top!

Enjoy your visit. Take some time, and peruse.

We're very thankful for the wonderful poets who have submitted their finest work to us. Without these talented people, Under the Basho wouldn't exist!

Thank you poets!

And thank you Team! Our editors really covered our backs this year, considering my health, and several family issues Hansha carried on his shoulders. Our terrific team of editors jumped in, and really helped us out.

Thank you Team.

And, thank you readers!!!
I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
of winter

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