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Imaginary Haiku - what do you think ?

Started by onecloud, October 27, 2014, 08:06:03 PM

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Imaginary Haiku

A haiku about a discovery in thought. The haiku should demonstrate a specific event and the place or time the event  occurs. The event may be imagined in or about an imaginary landscape.

The bird soars above creation and is able to see the big picture. The children play in the river and lakes and ponds. The elephants are drinking water from the rivers , lakes and mud holes. The bird is the witness able to let us know the water everywhere is the same water.

the soaring bird sees
children leap into water
where elephants drink

While in my youth I read Ram Das  and Allen Watts. The thought of a creation that is connected throughout held my imagination for many years. I went camping in every mountain range I knew. The Smokies, Appalachian, Rockies and Sierra . While traveling much of my attention was given to trees. I imagined their age and the creatures they support all around themselves. I imagined the tree has self.  I imagined the tree reaching out to the small bird. Then I thought about the chaos in a creation which clicked on and off if there were not a personality to create everything in one moment to meet the expectations we have for the next moment.

bird's wing beats the air
creator's grace lifting her
to the waiting branch

Also real experience may spark the mind to imagine similar experience, to increase ones understanding and recognize characteristics such as scale, density, state of movement or stillness and other aspects. During my wandering, I often needed to collect fire wood. I discovered many characteristics of trees, wood, and fire.

One time after we had been driving all night in the rain, our captain said, "pull over here, we will make breakfast and sleep." it was my task to collect fire wood while the buddies unloaded the horse to graze along side the road. The long grass was wet so it would not do for kindling. I began breaking dry dead branches off the few scattered trees. I leaned into one low branch bending it almost to the ground. Suddenly it snapped off just at my hand. The rest of branch sprung back up, giving me an undercut to the chin that lifted me off the ground and threw me onto my back several feet away. My chin was split open and I held the small stick of the branch against my cut chin.

old tree
standing still . . .
a knock out!

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