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A Call for Submissions

Started by Don Baird, November 03, 2014, 03:41:56 AM

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Don Baird

This is an open call for haiku poets to submit poems to Faces and Places -- a book of photography and haiku combined. Basically, it is an anthology with photographs!

The link to the temporary book is the following:

Look it over for inspiration. Submit haiku that are published or not -- either way. If published, be sure to give me the publisher's credits.

Ignore the preface etc... and title page ... and cover. Those are already changed to Faces and Places, etc.

The call for submissions is to acquire, screen, and accept haiku that I feel will be complimentary to the book -- enhancing the reader's experience. We are not trying to create haiga. It will remain a photography book with haiku as seasoning to the visual experience -- mixing urban and nature is a plus. Be sure that the haiku you submit will indeed enhance the reader's experience in the wondering and wandering through the book.

Please submit up to ten haiku. I'm not certain of how many I will accept in total, but not more than 75 and probably not less than 30.

This will remain a digital book and not go to print. It's too expensive with the photos. But, it will be a really nice book that will stand the test of time, I'm certain of that. We will place the book on the digital book case at the Living Haiku Anthology.

Submit to Include in the subject area Submission to Faces and Places. If any questions, use the same email address. Submission deadline is December 15th.

Thank you!

Peace and Blessings.

(all styles of haiku entertained)
I write haiku because they're there to be written ...

storm drain
the vertical axis
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